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Fine. I built a giant Klayman.
~ The Giant Klayman's creator.
Oh. Is this the kind with the cheddar in it?
~ The Giant Klayman asking its creator about the corn dog.

The Giant Klayman is a recurring antagonist in Klay World. He is a gigantic Klayman that was created by a Klayman for unknown reasons.

He is the titular main antagonist of Klay World: Giant Klayman, a minor character in Klay World: Jet Pack, a supporting character in Klay World: Pancake Mines 2 and a major antagonist in Klay World: All Gone.

He was voiced by Robert Benfer.


He stands slightly more than twice the size of a standard Klayman.


Giant Klayman

The Giant Klayman was created by unnamed Klayman for unknown reasons. The Giant goes on a rampage by killing Klaymen it comes across. One Klayman tries to stop the giant by shooting it three times, but failed and was killed by the Giant Klayman. However, the Giant Klayman stopped to get the corn dog off its creator. But the Giant kills him before the video ended.

Jet Pack

After the mike (the Klayman with the jet pack) dies, the Giant Klayman kills the other two at the end of the video.

Pancake Mines 2

When the Klaymen tried to get the baseball without getting near the pancake mines, one of them sees the Giant Klayman sitting and looking around. The red team member asks the giant to throw him over the mines to get the ball. However, the red team member hits one of the Klaymen and fells onto the mines, triggering them and kills the Klaymen. In the end, the Giant Klayman kills the last remaining Klayman, ripping him in half and walks away.

All Gone

During the middle of the battle on Klay World, the Giant Klayman appears and attacks the Klaymen. A Klayman with a submachine gun, shooting the giant multiple times, but failed. Chip, Rick the Prick, and Prick drove the truck into the Giant Klayman, slamming him off the table and falls to its death.





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