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Giant mechanical ants! My brothers are in trouble! On your feet, kid, it's go time!
~ 2nd Candace seeing the Giant Mechancial Ant attacking 2nd Phineas and 2nd Ferb.

The Giant Mechancial Ants are minor antagonists of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Tales From the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension". They are an army of unnamed robotic ants built by 2nd Dimension Charlene Doofenshmirtz to serve for her family until the events of the episode.



Even since 2nd Charlene's husband 2nd Heinz Doofenshmirtz was arrested for his crimes against humanity while his army of Norm Bots were destroyed, 2nd Charlene decided to take action to free 2nd Doof from prison with the help from her army of Animal-Borgs. To that end, she built two giant mechanical ants with the same technology that 2nd Doof used to build the Norm Bots. One of the ants was equipped with wings to fly while the other was mobile on ground.

Attacking the Resistance

The mechanical ants first appeared when they attacked the Resistance (the very same kids responsible for 2nd Doof's arrest) at Danville Park while several Animal-Borgs (mostly Peter the Pandaborg and Pinky the Chihuahuaborg) fought against Perry the Platyborg (2nd Doof's former right-hand). The walking mechanical ant started attacking 2nd Phineas Flynn and 2nd Ferb Fletcher, but their sister 2nd Candace (the Resistance's leader) averts this by firing a grappling hook onto the flying mechanical ant. 2nd Candace then gives 2nd Isabella the wire, in which she ties around one of the walking ant's legs, causing it to fall and briefly disabling the walking ant. 2nd Candace then took the opportunity to use her bo staff into making the flying mechanical ant crash down into a tree, destroying it. However, she is upset to hear that Platyborg has been taken by the other Animal-Borgs and that the mechanical ants' attack was nothing more than a diversion.

Upon learning that 2nd Charlene is behind this, 2nd Candace decides to take her into custody, even coercing a detained 2nd Doof into helping her out. Around the same time, 2nd Baljeet managed to salvage the walking ant and reprogamming it into helping the Resistance. With that in mind, the Resistance used the walking mechanical ant to infiltrate into 2nd Charlene's penthouse. However, 2nd Charlene fired a bazooka, forcing the Resistance to evade the blast. This leaves the walking mechanical ant to fall down into the pavement, effectively destroying it while the Doofenshmirtz family managed to escape along with Pandaborg (thanks to 2nd Vanessa's boyfriend Tony Marzulo using his hover-car).


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