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Gibara (in Japanese: ギバラ, Gibara) is an anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. He is one of the children of the warlord Kiba Daioh and also one of the youngest in the Fang Clan.

He was voiced by Juji Matsuda.


In the episode 25, he is Kemada's younger brother. Gibara warned his father of the death of his big brother who was killed by Kenshiro and Rei. Kiba Daioh sent Gibara and his squad to eliminate Kenshiro and Rei. Meanwhile, one of his squad sighted Mamiya, but he sees Kenshiro and Rei with his binoculars as he cries vengeance for Kemada.

They prepare a coffin to kill Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya and stuff the remains inside. After two of his henchmen fail, he sends all of his squad to kill them using Yometsu no Kata, but Kenshiro's party manage to kill them all.

Gibara tries to dive at the trio desperate to avenge his brother, but the team dodge the attack. Rei interrogates him if he is the Man with Seven Scars, Gibara tries to explain he was under his father's orders. Disappointed that a cowardly Fang warrior could not be the man he is looking for, Rei moves to finish Gibara. Gibara tries to back away but gets locked in the coffin and Rei slice it in three pieces, causing his death.


Gibara was part of the Fang Clan and therefore a determined bandit. Unlike the other members of the Fang Clan however, he has a more immature personality than anyone else such as loving cute things such like stuffed Pandas. He also has respect for his brother Kemada and mourns the loss of his brother after getting killed by Kenshiro and Rei.


  • He never appeared in the manga or the 1986 theatrical movie.
  • He was the second son of Kiba to die in the anime, the first being Kemada and later Madara and Gojiba. All at the hands of either Kenshiro or Rei.


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