Gibassier is the main antagonist of the 1854 French novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Mohicans of Paris, as well as its 1973 TV adaptation, where he was portrayed by French actor Andre Valmy.


A large bald man with a black monocle over his left eye, Gibassier was formerly a French criminal who escaped a prison and was then recruited by rogue-turned-police-chief Vidocq in the early 19th century. After Vidocq's departure from office, Gibassier was forced to obey his much more moral successor, Monsieur Jackal, whose position as Chief of Police he coveted. Gibassiers retains connections to the underworld which he mostly uses to get incriminating information on various well-placed people, later blackmailing them for his own ends. This leads him to oppose the protagonist, "Salvator", a conspirator, whom Jackal, who secretly encourages the revolution, is reluctant to arrest. After succeeding in assassinating Jackal, Gibassier goes on to secure a position in the new regime brought about by Salvator and his conspiracy, despite Salvator's insistance that he's a manipulative opportunist.