Giclops are a minor antagonist and powerful creature in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck.they are huge creatures with a spiked head that prove them selves much more powerful then Imps and Ogres.

Copper Giclops

Copper Giclops have brown skin and wear a clown costume. A Copper Giclops was first seen destroying a small salamander village with a Basilisk.


John bumps into the Copper Giclops and uses his Wrinklefucker to try and kill the Giclops. However Johns attack did barley any damage to the Giclops. The Giclops then takes the Sassacrusher out of Johns Remote Ghost Gauntlets. Before the Giclops could use the Sassacrusher he is shot in the eye by Grampa and retreats with Johns Sassacrusher.

Ruby Giclops

Ruby Giclops are red Giclops that also were a clown costume. Ruby Giclops drop, well, rubys. A Ruby Giclops is first encountered by Future Dave Strider who kills it fast. This proves that the Ruby Giclops are not as strong as the Copper Giclops.

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