Malick: So it's you. I was curious who Hive would send. I know what you're going to do.
Daisy: We can't let you keep talking.
Malick: And I won't be kept from my daughter.
~ Gideon Malick's last moments before his death.

Gideon Malick is a recurring antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He debuted as an anti-hero in The Avengers, later he returned in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he became the main antagonist of the first half and the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero of the third season.

He is one of the heads of HYDRA and one of the few infiltrators in the World Security Council. Even after the organization's downfall, he continued with his plans to return the ancient Inhuman Hive back to Earth from the planet Maveth so they could take over the world.

He was portrayed by the late Powers Boothe, who also played Ethan Roark in Sin City, Gorilla Grodd in the DC Animated Universe, Benjamin Travis in Hitman: Absolution, Curly Bill Brocius in Tombstone, Joshua Foss in Sudden Death, and Roland Kane in Turok.


Place Within HYDRA

Meeting Daniel Whitehall

Gideon Malick grew up with his brother and their father, a loyal member of HYDRA who taught them to worship an ancient Inhuman known as Hive who was trapped on a planet called Maveth.

In 1970, Malick's father passed away and Malick vowed that he and his brother would continue his work within HYDRA. Nathaniel reminded Malick that they had been summoned to Daniel Whitehall's prison cell to discuss their place within HYDRA; despite his reluctance, Malick agreed to go.

The Malick brothers traveled to the Rat to speak with Whitehall, who insulted their ceremonies to select a sacrifice to travel through the Monolith. When Malick attempted to defend his father's honor, Whitehall insulted him before revealing that their father had used sleight of hand tricks to avoid being sent through the Monolith for years.

As Malick went to leave the prison, Whitehall informed him that there was a book called Paradise Lost in their father's study, which would reveal the truth to them. The same night Malick found his brother in their father's study as he had listened to Whitehall's words and found the white stone in Paradise Lost, which confirmed that their father had cheated for years during ceremonies.

Nathaniel accused their father of being a coward and a liar and, despite his disappointment, Malick had no choice but to accept the truth that their father was not the man they had thought he was. Malick told his brother that despite their father's betrayal, they would be better men and continue the traditions.

Betraying his Brother

Malick and Nathaniel traveled into the mansion's garden where they promised to do the ceremony the right way and allow fate to decide what happened to them. Nathaniel agreed and they threw the stone into the lake, vowing to stay together until the end. However, Malick had inherited his father's fear of the unknown land of Maveth and used the same sleight of hand trick to keep the stone without his brother's knowledge.

During their first ceremony as young adults, Malick handed the bag of stones around to the members of HYDRA to select the sacrifice to Hive. By using his father's method of cheating, Malick ensured that he picked out a black stone and gave the white stone to his brother, when they opened their hands Nathaniel looked to his brother in horror, noting that they had a deal which Malick had betrayed. However the ceremony was finished and Nathaniel was taken to the Monolith and sacrificed while Malick did nothing to save him.

The guilt of having his own brother killed stayed with Malick for the rest of his life but his need to survive made him ensure that he used the same method of surviving the rituals for decades. When Malick had a daughter years later, he never told her the truth and allowed her to believe that he was a brave man willing to risk being sacrificed to the Inhuman god. As his daughter grew up Malick maintained a strict upbringing for her, not allowing her to mourn after the death of her mother and telling her to man up.

Hiding in Plain Sight

World Security Council

Later in his life, Malick became an industrialist and a member of the World Security Council, the advisory body who supervised S.H.I.E.L.D. and Director Nick Fury in times of world threatening crisis. However, he also secretly became one of the heads of HYDRA. Through his influence he ensured that HYDRA's campaign continued for decades.

Project Distant Star Return

In 2001, Malick launched Project Distant Star Return, the modern-day continuation of HYDRA's thousands of years old efforts to use the Monolith to bring HYDRA's ancient Inhuman leader from his exile on Maveth back to Earth so he could conquer it. Using his connections, he orchestrated the passage of the Monolith to NASA, with the hope that their technicians could send people on the other side.

While his company was consulting on a program at NASA, he met Rosalind Price, a high ranking spy whose trust he gained, advising her on many key missions. Since the budgets for space exploration had vanished, Malick and his men convinced everyone at NASA the Monolith was the affordable future of space exploration. Soon, a four men team led by Will Daniels was sent through the portal, never to return.

Chitauri Invasion

In 2012, the Earth was invaded by Loki of Asgard, seeking to conquer the planet. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director Nick Fury informed the World Security Council of an attack from the Asgardian Prince Loki which had resulted in the destruction of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., the loss of the Tesseract, and Hawkeye and Erik Selvig becoming a mind-controlled slaves to Loki. Fury informed them that although Loki's brother Thor was believed to not be hostile, they needed to bring together the Avengers to counter the attack, although Malick and Hawley expressed their reservations on the idea as they viewed the Avengers as a team of super-powered freaks, noting that they should move forward with Phase 2.

During the Battle of New York, Malick, along with the other council members, ordered Fury to drop a nuclear bomb on New York City to contain the Chitauri invasion. Fury argued against the command as he refused to bomb a civilian population while the Avengers continued to try to control the situation. Malick and the other members of the Council ordered the missile to be fired regardless, but Fury went so far as firing upon one of his jets on the Helicarrier. The command was followed by another pilot who deployed the missile; it was ultimately stopped and safely destroyed by Iron Man.

The battle was eventually won by the Avengers and Loki was taken into custody; Malick listened as Fury explained that Thor was taking Loki and the Tesseract back to Asgard to be locked deep inside Odin's Vault to keep it far away from Earth's reach. When Malick noted that that was not a decision he should have made, Fury assured him he had not made it, just had not argued when the God of Thunder did. Despite Malick's reservations, Fury informed them that he was no longer tracking the location of the Avengers as he had allowed them to disperse due to a promise he had made.

HYDRA Uprising

Following the dissolution of the World Security Council during the HYDRA Uprising, Malick rejoined HYDRA's ranks, eventually becoming the only modern HYDRA leader that all other heads feared. He dealt with Wolfgang von StruckerAlexander Pierce and John Garrett, moles within S.H.I.E.L.D.. He hoped they would stand beside him when the time was right, but they proved too narcissistic for his vision. Despite the fall of most of HYDRA's cells during the War on HYDRA and the abrupt end of many of HYDRA's operations, Malick remained in his public position undetected, still incredibly powerful. As an adviser of President Matthew Ellis, he could continue working on HYDRA's projects undisturbed by the authorities.

Raising the Inhuman Army

Advising the president's staff, Malick manipulated the U.S. Government to create the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, an agency that would replace S.H.I.E.L.D. and collect and study the newly transformed Inhumans. Officially, the A.T.C.U. would contain the Inhumans and look out for the cure for their condition. In reality, Malick's moles inside the A.T.C.U. would secretly give the fish oil pills contaminated by the impure Terrigen Crystalsto all of the A.T.C.U.'s employees to create as many Inhumans as they could.

Their targets were also all public witnesses of transformations. The new Inhumans were then conscripted into HYDRA. Malick's aim was to create an Inhuman Army for HYDRA's first leader to command when Project Distant Star Return is finished and he returns from his exile on Maveth. As an overseer of the A.T.C.U.'s science division, Malick had considerable influence on the agency's director, Rosalind Price, and shared with her the info on Project T.A.H.I.T.I.

Problems With Grant Ward

Call For Help

6 months after the fall of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's HYDRA cell and the Baron's subsequent death at the hands of Ultron, Malick was contacted by Strucker's son, Werner, who had recently been recruited into Grant Ward's HYDRA cell. Strucker informed Malick that Ward intended to kill him for failing to complete an assassination mission and begged for Malick's help. Malick explained that he and Baron Strucker would have never allowed an untrained agent to be sent on such a major mission and vowed to take care of the situation.

To make the situation clear, Malick contacted Grant Ward and offered him redemption for his mistakes, such as making von Strucker a pawn on the chessboard before schedule, leading to Strucker now being a worthless player in the game. Ward arrogantly replied that he did not need redemption but Malick insisted that he did before offering to hand over von Strucker's location to him. When Ward questioned why he would do this, Malick told him that he had chosen a side in the rebirth of HYDRA.

Meeting Grant Ward

Malick arranged to meet with President Matthew Ellis at NORAD to discuss the future of the Inhumans. He ordered Rosalind Price to bring Phil Coulson there so he could meet him. This arrangement failed when Coulson chose to stop Lash. Instead, Malick met with Grant Ward to discuss Werner von Strucker, who had survived the assassination attempt and had fallen into a coma. Malick asked if Ward only wanted revenge, but Ward insisted that his end goal was to kill Coulson and destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. Malick received a call from Price, who apologized for failing to bring Coulson to him.

Malick had a dinner of octopus served up for the pair of them and explained why the octopus was HYDRA's symbol, describing it as smart and the ultimate killer. Malick continued to press Ward for a request and they discussed how HYDRA's leadership had been destroyed due in part of Ward, Malick made it clear that he knew Ward was looking for Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's secret vault, which was said to contain HYDRA's greatest weapon, but Malick insisted did not exist, however Ward argued that Malick had killed Werner to become sole owner of it.

Having decided that Ward was more of a threat to HYDRA's overall plans than he was a benefit, Malick arranged to be called away from the meeting by Giyera and explained that he felt that Ward's plan of revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. was not something he wanted to get involved with, as he claimed he had bigger plans needing his focus. Ward insisted that he would find Wolfgang von Strucker's vault with or without Malick's help, but Malick informed him that although he was a fine predator, he was not top of the food chain as he left, ordering a team of assassins to murder Ward.

Meeting Andrew Garner

Malick went to meet Andrew Garner, who was being kept inside the Containment Module to keep him from transforming into his Inhuman form. Malick claimed to be working with President Matthew Ellis and S.H.I.E.L.D. to help find some cure for Garner but Malick questioned if Garner now really wanted to be cured. They then discussed S.H.I.E.L.D. not helping him during the Inhuman Outbreak and Malick promised to help Garner in exchange for him giving up some S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets.

Explaining HYDRA's History

Malick traveled to Zepkow, Germany to find Wolfgang von Strucker's secret vault. Within minutes, Grant Ward also arrived. Malick then told Ward that he was very impressed by Ward, and was rarely impressed; he even suggested that he should make Ward the second head of HYDRA next to him. However, Ward told Malick he wanted to kill him for his betrayal, leading to Malick promising to tell him the true history of HYDRA and offered him a drink of whiskey.

Ward said to Malick he was aware that HYDRA was founded during World War II by Red Skull, but Malick explained that their history was far older. Malick opened Strucker's safe and pulled out a piece of the Monolith, explaining the stones could teleport users to another world. He explained how an Inhuman was born thousands of years ago, so powerful he was banished from Earth, and HYDRA aimed to bring him back and they were using the A.T.C.U. to build Hive an army. Malick vowed to help Ward destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. in exchange for learning how they brought Jemma Simmons back from Maveth.

Final Steps

Once Malick learned that Rosalind Price had discovered his secret connection to HYDRA, he sent Grant Ward to assassinate her. When Ward returned Malick complimented him on the success but berated him about nearly killing Phil Coulson in the process, noting that he had put too much into his mission to have Ward ruin in by focusing on closure. Malick showed Ward the pieces of the Monolith and told him that they were close to completing HYDRA's oldest mission and Ward assured him everything would go according to plan.

Giyera successfully kidnapped Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, bringing them to Malick, who asked Simmons if she had seen Hive while she was trapped on Maveth. Although Fitz insisted that they would not help him, Malick explained that HYDRA was fully aware of how to open a portal but Simmons quickly realized that they did not know how to get back again. Asking Ward for suggestions, Malick was recommended to separate the pair so they could each listen to the other being tortured alone.

Opening the Portal

While at the HYDRA Castle in England, Malick oversaw the placement of the Monolith pieces until Giyera arrived with Jemma Simmons, who insisted that the being on Maveth would kill everyone. However, Malick claimed that it wanted to return to Earth. Although Simmons continued to insist she would not help them, Malick revealed that they had convinced Leo Fitz to go instead in exchange for her safety.

Malick spoke to Grant Ward as he prepared for a battle with S.H.I.E.L.D.; while Malick claimed that Phil Coulson was not important he revealed that he still needed Ward to lead his men into Maveth. When Ward resisted, Malick insulted him, claiming he did not have vision. Malick explained he had tried to find a suitable partner for years, testing Alexander Pierce and John Garrett but he had his faith in Ward himself because he was the finest soldier HYDRA ever made. He told him to go to the other side and look Hive in the eye so they could work with Hive to control the world.

The speech worked and Ward agreed to travel to Maveth. Malick watched with Giyera as the portal was opened and the soldiers jumped through it. Malick took time to speak to Ward, telling him to find Hive and return to the same spot within twelve hours, shaking his hand and telling him to finish HYDRA's ultimate mission. As Ward and Fitz disappeared through the portal, Malick ordered his scientists to turn off the vibrations; however, just as he did this, he witnessed Phil Coulson jump from a Quinjet and travel through the portal just before it closed.

Attack on HYDRA Castle

Malick spoke to Giyera about the arrival of their supply of captured Inhumans that had arrived and they discussed how long until Grant Ward would be able to return with Hive. Overhearing their conversation, Jemma Simmons claimed their math was incorrect, noting that she did not want them to screw up Leo Fitz's return. Malick told Simmons that he did not expect Fitz to return, as only death came through the portal.

As S.H.I.E.L.D. raided the HYDRA Castle, Malick sent Giyera to hunt down and kill the team. Malick himself soon discovered that Lash had escaped the Containment Module and slaughtered the Inhumans. Knowing that S.H.I.E.L.D. was in a tactically strong position and had taken control of the portal chamber, a guard recommended that Malick evacuate the Castle; Malick however ordered his team to breach S.H.I.E.L.D.'s defenses and kill them all so they could ensure Hive's safe arrival. Although the guard questioned the demand, Malick insisted that it was an order.

Malick did evacuate from the castle minutes before S.H.I.E.L.D. destroyed it and the last remaining Monoliths. Malick was then driven to the airport where a plane was awaiting his arrival. However as they were driving down the road, the driver stopped when a man was seen standing in the middle of the road. As Malick stared in amazement, he saw it was Grant Ward's corpse, holding Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand which had killed him; Hive then revealed himself to have taken over Ward's corpse and finally arrived back on Earth.

Working with Hive

Slow Progress

Malick sheltered Hive in a secret compound in Europe for three months, only to discover the Inhuman struggled to speak and even stand on his own, leading to Malick questioning if his faith had been misguided in Hive. As they went to see Hive, Malick and Giyera discussed a new Inhuman who had been discovered in Bogotá, with Malick noting that since Lash had massacred their Inhumans they needed to be replaced.

Once they arrived at the bottom floor of the compound, Malick was informed by one of his guards that Hive had finally spoken and had requested to see him. Malick was delighted by this progress in Hive regaining strength despite his dying body. Finding Hive barely capable of moving, Malick asked Hive how he could help with his recovery. With Grant Ward's corpse slowly rotting away around Hive, the Inhuman struggled to raise his head as he informed Malick that he was hungry. Malick left Hive eating plates of raw meat and had Giyera watch over him as he slowly regained his strength.

Malick was informed he had a phone call from a secure line, and at first he believed it was Werner von Strucker, although it was quickly revealed that the caller was Phil Coulson, seeking revenge for the death of Rosalind Price. Coulson mocked Malick, noting that since the Attack on the HYDRA Castle Malick had lost his Inhumans and had been forced into hiding, and claimed that he was tracing the call and would find him. Malick remained confident however and assured him that his influence was stronger than Coulson understood.

Malick shut down several of his Gothite Industries facilities to slow Coulson's hunt; he and Giyera then discussed the capture of the Inhuman Lucio. Malick noted that this was good news as they stood around Hive. Their leader looked around at the pair and commented on how Malick was losing his faith in Hive's power, with Malick noting that since Hive had failed to kill Coulson, maybe his power was not as strong as he had hoped it would be. Hive, however, vowed that Malick would believe; beginning to demonstrate his powers by turning Ward's skin to sand and sending it towards Malick and Giyera.

Repairing Hive's Body

Malick found Hive later contemplating the life of Grant Ward and how he wished they could have met under different circumstances, Malick told Hive how Ward was a great soldier who had dedicated his life to HYDRA. Malick promised Hive that he was making moves to gather the army of Inhumans that Hive would need, bringing Lucio to see him. As the furious Lucio tried to break free, Malick left Hive to try and reason with him.

With Lucio now loyal to Hive, Malick went to speak to his leader once again, finding him reading books on the history of humans. Malick noted how Grant Ward's corpse was not healing quickly enough and suggested that it was time for Hive to find a new host, although he made it clear he was not offering to give up his own body because of his old age, suggesting instead Giyera or Lucio as a host. Hive made it clear that the host must be dead and he could not inhabit Inhumans. Despite Malick offering to find a volunteer host, Hive refused and claimed Ward's body would serve his needs while Malick promised that there would be no more set-backs for their plans.

New Loyalties

Having learned that President Matthew Ellis had named Brigadier General Glenn Talbot as Rosalind Price's replacement as the head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, Malick kidnapped Talbot's son and blackmailed him into betraying S.H.I.E.L.D., promising that he would execute him if he disobeyed. As instructed, Talbot attended a meeting with Phil Coulson with the world leaders discussing Inhumans and declared Coulson to be a traitor, showing how Coulson had been spying on all of them. Malick then revealed himself and accused Coulson of being the leader of HYDRA.

Malick walked through the room and reminded them how he was a member of the World Security Council and introduced himself to Anton Petrov. Malick told the room that Coulson was not the man who he claimed to be and used images of Lash's victims to convince them that Coulson had been experimenting and killing Inhumans, using the Suspension Gel to trap them so that they could be executed at will. With the room of world leaders believing Malick over Coulson, the Director was led out of the room while he demanded to know what Malick was blackmailing Talbot with.

With Coulson being disarmed and taken into the basement, with his Prosthetic Hand also being removed, Malick followed with General Talbot, who demanded that Malick complete their bargain and free his son. Malick however refused and instead betrayed Talbot, handcuffing him to Coulson and leaving locking them in a cage to be executed. Malick told the pair that they would be sacrificed for the greater good so he could build his army. Although Coulson argued that another army would stand to fight him, Malick insisted that he did not have to convert the world and left them to die.

While Coulson and Talbot were rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Carl Creel, Malick offered Anton Petrov a lift back to Russia in his private jet, with Petrov thanking Malick for the gesture as Malick claimed it was done in friendship. During the flight, they discussed the plan to keep Inhumans in Russia for safe keeping while drinking champagne. Petrov claimed that although they still had some political obstacles to work through, he was confident that they would sort them out and create the sanctuary state for all Inhumans to live peacefully away from the threat of Coulson.

Failed Russian Mission

Malick and Anton Petrov eventually arrived at a decommissioned facility in Siberia where Petrov introduced Malick to several other Russian leaders and they discussed the plans to build a sanctuary state for Inhumans. Petrov revealed to Malick that Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko was against the idea as his opposition was in support. When Malick learned that the captured General Androvich, an Inhuman, was also in support of the sanctuary, Malick suggested that they free Androvich and allow him to assassinate Olshenko. With this in place, Malick left Russia, but shortly after he departed, S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened, saving Prime Minister Olshenko and killing General Androvich.

With his plan having failed, Malick returned to the Malick Mansion and relaxed with some clay pigeon shooting. Malick was then joined by his daughter Stephanie, who could tell by his expression that the mission in Russia had not gone to plan due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s interference. Stephanie took the gun herself and shot down a clay pigeon as the pair discussed if S.H.I.E.L.D. was aware of Hive's return to Earth. Malick made it clear that they did not and Stephanie noted that Hive's power would change the world for HYDRA's benefit.

True Power

As Malick was eating and drinking wine while surrounded by loyal followers, Hive entered the room; Malick expressed his pleasure at Grant Ward's rejuvenated body. Hive asked Malick why he had dedicated his life to HYDRA with all his power and influence. Malick replied that he believed when Hive returned, they would rule the world. Hive noted Malick wished for true power, presenting Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand. Hive then laid out a plan to take over Transia Corporation.

At the Transia building, Malick, along with Giyera and Hive, met with Rowan Hamilton. Malick asked about their work with the Prosthetic Hand, noting that they were working on a Transia Corporation Exoskeleton, a prototype the company was working on for the military. Malick asked Hamilton to sign over the entire company to him, for a fair price, to which Hamilton vehemently refused. However, Hive explained that obeying would be in his best interest and to prove his point, brought in Charles Hinton to show Hamilton what would happen if he did not obey Malick. Shaken, Hamilton signed the contract, though Hive killed Hamilton's men regardless.

As their HYDRA team took full control of the building, Malick asked Hive why they had gone to all the trouble to steal the Exoskeleton; Hive replied he wished Malick to put it on. Although Malick initially laughed at the order, Hive explained that he knew that Malick had desired and never felt true power, the kind that Inhumans felt after going through Terrigenesis. As Giyera raised the suit, Hive once again ordered him to put it on so that he would finally experience what true power was. Malick did as instructed, moving around the room and admiring the strength the suit gave him, using it to crush a vase and flip a table while he laughed at the new power.

Hive explained that this was not the power that he intended him to experience and instead ordered Malick to kill Hamilton, citing that true power was only felt by killing someone with your own hands. Malick was initially hesitant, as he questioned what the true purpose of this would be, but Hive explained that he wished for him to experience what it felt like to kill a man, noting how he had watched as Phil Coulson crushed the life out of Grant Ward on Maveth, and how he had seen fear in Coulson's eyes. Hamilton attempted to escape but Malick grabbed hold of his head and obeyed Hive's orders, crushing Hamilton's skull as he screamed in agony.

Duel with Daisy Johnson

Malick had Charles Hinton taken off the building as he lay in wait for Daisy Johnson, who had come with a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to attempt to rescue Hinton from HYDRA. Still wearing the Transia Corporation Exoskeleton, Malick hit Johnson in the face and managed to dodge her first shockwave. He then proceeded to repeatedly hit Johnson, knocking her to the ground with his enhanced strength and leaving her too dazed to fight back while Malick commented on how powerful he felt as he took her power away from her, preparing to beat her to death.

However, just as Malick charged up the suit and prepared to kill Johnson, Hinton touched Malick's skin, giving him a terrifying glimpse of his own death. Furious and terrifed by the vision he had seen, Malick grabbed Hinton by the throat and slowly crushed his throat. While Malick was distracted, Johnson roused herself and fired a powerful shockwave at him which threw him into a wall. His prosthetic exoskeleton damaged, Malick reached his helicopter and left, scared and confused from the vision he had seen.

Despite having been truely unnerved by what had just happened, as Malick flew to safety in the helicopter, he called Giyera, demanding to know why he was not protecting him on the rooftop, and reminding him that was still his job which he had failed to do. However, Giyera replied he was meant to be by Hive's side and not Malick's. Once Giyera had hung up the phone to continue speaking with Hive, Malick poured himself a drink as he processed what had happened, thinking about the vision that Hinton had presented him with.

Avoiding Fate

Still shaken by Charles Hinton's vision of his own incredibly violent and painful death at the hands of the one he had dedicated so much of his life to, Malick was driven to the Malick Mansion in order to spend some time alone with his daughter and get away from those who could end his life very soon.

When Malick arrived his was greeted by Stephanie and he informed her that they needed to talk, however Stephanie appeared to be distracted as she accused her father of failing to tell her that someone was such a handsome man. When Malick realized she was speaking about Hive who had arrived at the house, Malick was horrified by the thought of him being there and then learned that Hive had ordered Stephanie to gather HYDRA's inner circle and bring them to him at the estate. Hive then appeared at the top of Malick's stairs and explained that he had come because he felt that it was time to reveal his true self to both Malick and the other leaders of HYDRA.

While standing outside in the garden Malick told his daughter about how Hinton had given him a vision of his horrific death, although Stephanie suggested that they ask for Hive's help, Malick explained that he knew that Hive was the one who would kill him. Stephanie tried to convince her father that Hive would not harm him after everything he had done to return him from Maveth but Malick remained convinced that he would kill him in front of the other HYDRA leaders. Malick commented on how Hive was taking over by bringing together the inner circle and giving Giyera new orders.

Seeking to ensure his safety, Malick found Hive outside in the garden and tried to reminisce about his time playing in the garden with his brother, but Hive instead commented on how impressed he was by Malick's daughter who he called a true believer. Hive proceeded to talk about enjoying sunshine after centuries in the darkness while Malick tried to learn if he still held memories of his former hosts, referring to his long dead brother. Hive however refused to answer the question and simply promised that the truth would soon be revealed.

While waiting for Hive to give his speech, Malick thought back to when he and his brother found out the truth about their father from Daniel Whitehall. As he sat, Stephanie told him to address the other HYDRA leaders, telling him to man up as he would have often said to her as she was growing him. Malick did as instructed, inviting the other leaders to sit and informing them that they they're Inhuman god had finally returned, at which point Hive entered the room and address the group personally.

While Kirk Vogel claimed the man speaking was merely Grant Ward, Hive assured him that Ward's body was merely a vessel, as had been the many that HYDRA had sent over the thousands of years that he had lived on the distant planet. Hive went on to personally thank the Malick family for everything they had contributed to his survival and return to Earth before promising that they would all get what they deserve, which unnerved Malick. To prove his identity, Hive then revealed his true face, which was covered in tentacles.

True Sacrifice

Malick later sat down with his daughter by the fire as she poured him the whiskey she had promised him, Malick raised his glass to her and thanked her for reminding him that it meant to have their family name. Stephanie then revealed that Hive had gotten her a gift, revealing the book Paradise Lost, the same one that Malick and his brother had found years earlier.

Returning to his father's old study, Malick found the original copy of Paradise Lost and found the stone was missing. Hive then appeared beside Stephanie and showed that he was holding the stone himself. Hive accused Malick of betraying his own brother by keeping the stone and allowing him to be selected as the sacrifice through the Monolith. Hive began speaking as Nathaniel while Malick insisted that he had loved his brother and tried to explain that he had given up everything in the hope that Hive could one day bring back his brother.

As Hive explained that he needed to make things right, Malick stood up straight and vowed not to die a coward like his father, so his daughter could remember him with respect. Hive however explained that he would still require a Malick by his side and kissed Stephanie, as Malick watched on his horror, Hive used his powers to melt Stephanie's skin and body from the inside before dumping her corpse on the ground. As Malick broke down in tears Hive told him that he now understood sacrifice.

Malick later sat by the fire and could not forget the horrific sight he had witnessed of his own daughter's terrible death. Hive then entered and informed Malick that Giyera had successfully hijacked Zephyr One and managed to take several S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents hostage, including Phil Coulson and suggested that they leave straight away to see for themselves. Hive told Malick that sacrifices were never easy but now the scales were balanced and promised that Malick no longer had anything to fear from him.

The Last Rodeo

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick and Hive returned to their secret HYDRA base where they were greeted by Giyera who went straight over to Hive. Giyera updated them on the hijacking of Zephyr One and the subsequent capture of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents onboard, explaining that Lucio had been sent to subdue them with a team. Malick watched the exchange with fear, knowing that he was losing all control of his plans.

As Lucio's men continued to attempt to capture the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Malick stood alone in his office when the Secret Warriors attacked the base with the aim to rescue their teammates. Suddenly one of his HYDRA guards was thrown through the glass door by Lincoln Campbell, who informed his team that he had located the HYDRA leader while Malick surrendered without a fight. Campbell captured Malick and used Overpowering Tape to subdue him as they made their way through the base.

As Malick was being led onto Zephyr One by the Secret Warriors, Giyera rushed in to defend him, knocking down Joey Gutierrez with a fire extinguisher to the head; however, before he could continue attacking them, Daisy Johnson was able to throw him across the room with a powerful shockwave. As Malick was led through the plane towards the Containment Module, he then witnessed Lucioattacking and paralyzing Campbell before being stabbed in the heart and killed by Gutierrez moments before the plane took off and escaped the base with Malick in custody.


Malick was taken to the Playground where he was locked away until Phil Coulson arrived to interrogate him. Although Coulson admitted to being furious about the assassination of Rosalind Price, he first demanded to know about Hive and why it looked like Grant Ward. Malick instead told Coulson a story of how his daughter had controlled a raging horse, noting that he could not control Hive like she had controlled the horse.

The fearful Malick admitted to Coulson that Hive had murdered his daughter in front of his own eyes, proving to Malick that Hive cared nothing for the humans, telling Coulson that Hive was only a god to Inhumans after being a slave to the Kree Empire. Malick explained to Coulson how Hive had the power to infect other Inhumans to make them worship him without question, noting how Giyera and Lucio were now his slaves and that Hive would have now likely infected a member of the Secret Warriors. Malick explained to Coulson how his faith had been misplaced in Hive and he now felt he had freed the devil instead from Maveth of the god he had worshiped.

Once Malick had told Coulson about how he had felt seeing his daughter's murder, Coulson told him about his own revenge against Grant Ward for the murder of Rosalind Price. Coulson demanded to know from Malick how to kill Hive and when Malick noted that he was a god, Coulson reminded him that he had met gods and knew that they did in fact bleed. Malick joked about how he had never expected his last rodeo to be helping S.H.I.E.L.D., but agreed to help until Coulson was called away by Alphonso Mackenzie.

As Malick sat in the interrogation room, the door opened revealing Daisy Johnson. Having been given a vision of this moment by Charles Hinton, Malick knew that Johnson had been sent by Hive to murder him in revenge for talking to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Malick told Johnson that he knew that she was about to do and claimed that he wanted to be reunited with his daughter.

Johnson told Malick that she would enjoy killing him before firing a shockwave which threw Malick off his chair and into the wall, cutting his head. As Malick lay helpless on the ground, Johnson fired a powerful shockwave directly at his head which slowly crushed his skull, causing Malick to scream in terrible agony until he was finally killed. In order to cover up the cause of Malick's death to her teammates, Johnson placed a mine beside his body which exploded and destroyed Malick's corpse.


Destruction of HYDRA

Shortly before his death, Malick renounced HYDRA and gave the locations of every known HYDRA base to Phil Coulson who passed it to General Glenn Talbot. Talbot utilized the full extent of the A.T.C.U. as well as the United States Armed Forces to destroy these bases and capture the operatives, decimating HYDRA. Although Hive and his cell had evaded capture, the dark Inhuman was too busy with his plans for a better world for Inhumans to care about reforming HYDRA; with no known heads, HYDRA was left in tatters, if not obliterated entirely.

In liquid assets, Malick left behind over $960 million dollars which Giyera informed his leader was accessible. Hive used a part of that money to buy a town under a shell corporation in Malick's name.


Sometimes you sacrifice a player to save the game.
~ Gideon Malick
Like most of HYDRA's leaders, Gideon Malick was a cruel, arrogant, traitorous, manipulative, unsympathetic, diabolical, heartless, iniquitous, and cold-hearted pragmatist. Despite his friendship with the fellow HYDRA head Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, he did not hesitate to betray Strucker's son Werner to Grant Ward to please Ward and organize a meeting with him. For Malick, Werner (as an untrained operative who failed in his first mission) was a damaged good that could not be left to run around knowing HYDRA's secrets, and therefore had to be killed. At the same time, he would kill two birds with one stone because Werner's death would leave him the only one with the access to Wolfgang's secret vaults. Malick also intended to have Ward killed, because his campaign to remake HYDRA posed a threat to everything he built through Project Distant Star Return. However, he accepted Ward as HYDRA's second head when Ward proved himself in his eyes.

Another instance of his pragmatism was his joint decision with the World Security Council to have New York City annihilated by a nuclear bomb strike, in order to prevent the Chitauri invasion from spilling out of the city into the rest of the world, while completely disregarding that the Avengers had a fighting chance against the alien invaders.

While Malick prefers to present himself as a brave man who is willing to sacrifice his own life to HYDRA's cause, in reality he had never taken a life before Hive ordered him to kill Rowan Hamilton and had spent much of his life avoiding death at all costs, by cheating at the conventional and ritualistic ceremonies where a tribute was sent to Maveth as a sacrifice to Hive.

His need to survive led him to allow his own brother to be selected as tribute in his place. When Charles Hinton gave Malick a vision of his own death at the hands of Hive, Malick put all of his effort into trying to find a way out of his situation until finally he was confronted by his brother's memories, living on within Hive, at which point Malick accepted his fate but was forced to watch as Hive killed his daughter instead. When Daisy Johnson, who had been enthralled by Hive, was ordered to kill him, Malick did not even attempt to defend himself, feeling that his death meant he would be reunited with his daughter.


  • Unnamed father (deceased)
  • Nathaniel Malick (brother; deceased)
  • Stephanie Malick (daughter; deceased)


  • Powers Boothe's character was credited only as "World Security Council" in The Avengers; the name Gideon Malick was invented for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Malick is the first character introduced in the films to be killed on one of the TV series, followed by Phil Coulson who later died off-screen between Seasons 5 and 6.


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