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I feed on the malignant energy that organic life radiates. Considering I prey on you so-called "demons", Earth is kind of a paradise to me, for it inhabits the perfect "demon"-birthing species known as humankind. As long as they evolve, their evil festers alongside it. Humans will doom themselves if they continue on their path. Thus, there must be necessary "adjustments". But a few splendid humans have caught my eye. The Igarashi family have made peace with their demons, while normal people have no control of theirs whatsoever once they are separated from their bodies. I suppose that has something to do with my own genes they inherited from me? Then that makes them my family, and they have a worth of walking beside me. As such, I will erase humankind to nothingness, except for the Igarashi family. The entire humankind's one and only purpose will be giving birth to more demons. And my progeny... will be the foundation of a new era in human history.
~ Giff explaining his goals to Vice.

Giff is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Revice, the third installment of Reiwa Era's Kamen Rider series.

He is the ruler of all demons and the most powerful of their kind. Believing Giff to be the ancestor of all demons, his revival is the goal of the Deadmans. Aguilera is said to be his fiancée. He is also the namesake of the Giff Junior footsoldiers. He served as the overarching antagonist in the first half, the main antagonist in the third quarter, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the final quarter. He also served as the overarching antagonist in Kamen Rider Revice: Battle Familia.

He is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue, who also voiced Ginis in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Emperor in Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, as well as Kars in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.



Giff first arrived on Earth to make peace with humankind, only to be met with hostility from Akaishi's civilization and to bring them to ruin in response. Left as the only survivor, Akaishi chose to pledge loyalty to Giff and make a contract with him, receiving immortality in exchange for acting as a mediator between demonkind and humankind. Giff would go on to seek coexistence with several other civilizations, only to be labeled a "demon" by them and driven away. Giff then entered a dormant state, leaving Akaishi to observe humanity for him while he was in slumber.

His sealed body was excavated in South America and fell into the possession of a government research organization called "NOAH", which sought to weaponize demons. As part of this research, they injected Giff's cells into a man named Junpei Shiranami, resulting in the demon Vail being born and granting Junpei the power to use the Vail Driver. His overusage of the Driver would causing him to forget his name, taking on "Genta" as his name after falling in love with Yukimi.


After NOAH was disbanded, a group of former members who had begun worshipping Giff's casket stole it and used it to found the Deadmans cult. The Deadmans sought to bring about Giff's revival by creating Deadmen to terrorize humans. Around the same time, Genta married Yukimi and had three children with her, who all inherited Giff's cells.

While she was still a young girl, Aguilera was chosen by Giff to be his bride as an adult.

At some point, Giff anointed both Olteca and Julio worthy to become Gifftex Deadmen.

Giff's sealed body was present when the Deadmans held a rally in their concert hall, during which Aguilera created numerous Giff Juniors from their worshippers.

Some time later, Aguilera approached the body of Giff asking who she was and why she was born, before Olteca entered the room to present Araki to her.

After the Chameleon Deadman, Amahiko Haitani and Yasushi Kudo were all assembled before Giff's idol, Giff approved the three to become Gifftex Deadmen.

With three more Gifftex assembled, Olteca revealed that Aguilera was actually the final sacrifice needed to revive Giff and they were able to begin the ritual after tying Aguilera to a chair. As the five Gifftex gathered around Aguilera to be sacrificed however, Fenix and the Kamen Riders attacked the Deadmans Base, causing the five Gifftex to break off from the ritual to go and fight them. While Revi and Jeanne were able to defeat the Sabertiger and Planarian Deadman, this only furthered the ritual as they were both absorbed into Giff as sacrifices. The Deadmans Base then began to rise out of the ground and commence an aerial attack on the city, but before Giff could absorb Aguilera she and Julio were saved by Vice, while Revi Barid Rex destroyed the Deadmans Base, though Giff's casket remained intact.

Giff's casket was subsequently taken into custody by Fenix, who began running tests on it to analyze it. George Karizaki soon discovered a faint heartbeat emanating from it. After the Chameleon Deadman was defeated by Revice, he was absorbed into Giff as well.

Giff would later absorb the energy from Julio's Riot Form after he was defeated and purified by Revice. Fenix's Director Hideo Akaishi observed Giff's casket while it did so.

As the Igarashi siblings defeated more demons, Giff absorbed their energy and drew closer to awakening, causing headaches for the Igarashi siblings' demons.

In one instance, Giff took control of Ikki and Vice while they were transformed as Jack Revice and made them attack Sakura and Daiji. Now able to act with a degree of autonomy, Giff began absorbing humans directly and devoured the Fenix members sent to monitor it. After teleporting out of Fenix'sGiff traveled to where Olteca had gathered a number of humans as sacrifices to devour them, but Daiji and Sakura showed up to stop him. When Daiji attempted to attack Olteca however, Giff blocked him and took control of Ikki again, forcing him to become Jack Revice and making him attack Daiji and Sakura.

Giff reawakens after absorbing Olteca's life essence and body.

After the two siblings incapacitated Jack Revice with help from George as Demons, Aguilera attempted to offer herself to Giff but Giff slapped her away. Olteca then walked up to the casket of Giff and stamped it with the Anomalocaris Vistamp before stamping it again with the Giff Stamp, causing Giff to fuse with him and transform him into the Anomalocaris Deadman. Having achieved a Phase 4 Deadman form, Olteca laid waste to the three Riders while Ikki lay unresponsive. However, Ikki was able to resist Giff's influence and use the Thunder Gale Vistamp that George had developed to become Kamen Rider Revice Thunder Gale. Olteca then battled Revice Thunder Gale but was defeated by it, prompting Giff to exit his body and revert him to normal. Giff stretched a tentacle out towards Olteca and absorb him to complete its awakening, before teleporting away.

Advent on Humanity

Returning to his own dimension, Giff communicated with Akaishi through a portal. Akaishi gave Giff a presentation on the events that had transpired up to his reawakening.

When the Kamen Riders went to confront Akaishi, Akaishi created a portal to Giff, who summoned several True Gifftarians to attack them. Giff would also mutate Akemi Mikoshiba into another demonic servant, the Giffdemos.

Soon after, Akaishi gave a press conference, where he announced that Fenix had found no way to stop Giff and that the only way for humanity to survive would be to submit themselves to him. When Daiji interrupted the speech, Akaishi then opened a portal to Giff, who vaporized the Fenix soldiers standing guard and destroyed Fenix's entire Skybase fleet, in order to demonstrate how it was hopeless to oppose him. It was then that the other Kamen Riders appeared to assist Daiji, but Vail and several True Gifftarians appeared in front of them to do battle.

Giff would later fuse several Gifftarians together to create the Hell Gifftarian, which Akaishi used to attack Daiji.

After Revi and Vice immobilized Giffdemos with the Barid Rex Vistamp's ice powers, Akaishi opened a portal to Giff, who killed her.

After Vail was defeated by Kamen Rider Destream and Akaishi was killed by Ultimate Revi and Vice, Giff finally set foot in the human world when he personally intervened in the conflict. Blasting everyone away, Giff resurrected Akaishi and restored his body so he could continue his role, upgrading his demon form into Gigademos. When the Weekend Kamen Riders showed up to battle Gigademos, Giff attacked them from his dimension, but was dragged to Earth by Ultimate Revi and Vice. Battling the two Riders personally, Giff was able to overpower both of them with his tremendous might, particularly after Revi broke off from the battle to assist the other Riders in fighting Gigademos. After Akaishi was killed by Daiji Igarashi, Daiji turned to Giff and asked to make a contract with him.

Giff was about to give a contract to Daiji but this was averted by Ikki who tried to knock sense into his delusional brother. Giff was still overtly mighty, therefore he managed to hold of the heroes. While the chaos transpired he managed to absorb Vice into his hell dimension where he revealed his plan. Which was to wipe out humanity whom after Akaishi’s death he had no confidence in. Instead he would rule a new world populated by demons alongside the powerful Igarashi family. So he once again confronted the Igarashi siblings excluding Daiji who still aimed for a contract. Although hearing what Giff told Daiji through Vice, he at once knew Daiji shouldn’t succumb to that monster, hence throwing him aside. Daiji was brought to his senses by Hiromi and finally was in tune with Kagero. Using this Daiji sent Giff back into his dimension, temporarily imprisoning him.

The result of this released cocoons that Giff was storing and one of them contained Olteca who soon was freed and imprisoned again by Weekend.

Giff escaped easily enough and continued his advent on the human race by now spreading parasites onto humans turning them into Giffterians. This caused commotion through the internet and caused the Weekend to ward of Giff’s forces for the time being. A while later Vice heard the voice of Giff in his mind telling him to arise hinting at an attempt to brainwash him. Soon Daiji and Ikki got into a fight with Giff who still was a formidable opponent who brought mindless clones of previous Deadman generals to fight them, constantly regenerating them as they fell. As the siblings grew tired he used Vice who was now his puppet to introduce his proposal to them - Join him to rule the new Earth of demons.

Unable to hold their own against Giff, the two Igarashi siblings retreated and returned to Happy Spa. Although Giff seemed invincible, the two brothers figured out from the way they had sealed Giff the last time that Giff's dimension must also be a part of him and that it contained his weak spot. During their next confrontation with Giff, Ikki and Daiji, soon joined by Hana as Kamen Rider Aguilera, held off Giff and his army of Gifftarians and Giff Juniors while Vice went inside Giff's dimension to find a way to destroy him. Vice found Giff's casket inside and was able to weaken Giff by performing a Rider Kick on it, while Tamaki and then Sakura arrived to assist the other Kamen Riders as Over Demons and Invincible Jeanne respectively. With Vice having weakened Giff from the inside, the three Igarashi siblings and Vice performed a combined Rider Kick together to knock Giff into the sky and destroy him. However, Giff's explosive destruction left behind a glowing ball which began rapidly spitting out energy.






  • Giff's casket is reminiscent of the Great Leader of Shocker and the speakers he communicated through.
  • Giff is the first main antagonist of the Reiwa era to not be a Kamen Rider and the first main antagonist since Adel to not have a Rider form.


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