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I'm no Maverick. I'm in complete control of myself and my actions.
~ Gigabolt Man-O-War to Axl.

Gigabolt Man-O-War is a Maverick and a minor antagonist in Mega Man X8, referred to as "Gigabolt Dokragen" in Japanese. He makes his lair in the Dynasty stage. Mega Man X and his allies have to knock Gigabolt Man-O-War down in a chase in Megalopolis order to fight him. Gigabolt uses the Thunder Dancer for his weapon; with this, Mega Man can fire thunderbolts from his Rock Buster. Ice-Snow Yetinger is weak to this weapon.

Gigabolt Man-O-War was voiced by Mariette Sluyter.



Has the change to Maverick even caused the loss of his speech capabilities!?
~ X wonders if Gigabolt can speak.

Gigabolt Man-O-War is noted to have been lazy, with his job failing to excite him. Prior to his fight, Gigabolt is shown to have a problem with speech. Roll even believes that he cannot respond considering how far he's gone when she and Gigabolt fight.

Physical Appearance

Gigabolt Man-O-War has two forms that he can shift between. In both forms, Gigabolt Man-O-War has electrical coils on his shoulders. His torso is conical and his head consists of a dome with a face inside.

In his jellyfish form, Gigabolt Man-O-War resembles a jellyfish. His arms and legs dangle from his body like the tentacles of the creature and can retract into his body.

His ship form portrays him as a limbless version of his jellyfish form, although his limbs are actually retracted into his body. When he exposes his limbs, he shifts back to his jellyfish form.

His Weapon

Gigabolt Man-O-War wields Thunder Dancers as his weapon.

When X uses the weapon, he can fire thunderbolts. This works like the Electric Shock, but cannot zero in on enemies until it hits at least one. The Thunder Dancers will strike other foes within their range for a chain attack effect. When Gigabolt himself does his Overdrive Attack, several Thunder Dancers with longer range get fired downwards, and X can redirect their path with his Crystal Wall.

Roll learns the Lightning Flash technique, dashing fowards while she turns invisible, then stabbing forwards when she reaches the apex of the dash. Roll's path will flash with lightning for a split second after this, damaging foes.

Axl channels the power of the Thunder Dancers to his firearms, gaining the Plasma Gun attack. This launches thunderbolts over a wide region ahead of Axl's Y-axis and can shock and damage foes in the area.

All three can be used to turn the lights on in the Pitch Black stage, where Darkneid Kamakil lurks.


Gigabolt Man-O-War is one of the new-generation Reploids who turned Maverick and joined Sigma's rebellion. Before he became a Maverick, he supplied power to Megalopolis City. His job didn't excite him much, so he jumped at the call when he joined Sigma. Despite believing he is not a Maverick, Gigabolt still wishes to help Sigma by siphoning energy from Megalopolis. No matter who confronts him, he will always believe he is not a Maverick.

The entire stage consists of the player chasing Gigabolt Man-O-War in between the buildings of Megalopolis on a Sirius Ride Chaser. In order to stop him, Rock and his allies have to shoot Gigabolt down. If Gigabolt succeeds in his getaway, Rock will die, forcing players to restart the stage. After he's taken enough damage he will stop on a floating platform and the actual boss fight begins. He will float around and sweep across the arena, shooting lightning from his hands and releasing small jellyfish drones which track the player. Once he's low on health he will position himself above the arena and discharge lightning to strike the platform at various points, which he calls Thunder Dancer. His weakness is the weapons of Earthrock Trilobyte, probably since stone is a poor electricity conductor, although there are conductive crystals. The Crystal Wall can also attract the thunderbolts fired during his Overdrive akin to a lightning rod, making him miss his target.


Gigavolt Man-o-war! Return Megalpolis' energy supply to normal! If you don't, the city will be, destroyed.
(Gigabolt doesn't respond.)
Has the change to Maverick even caused the loss of his speech capabilities?
(Gigabolt Man-o-War: "I'm no Maverick. Who are you, anyway?")
I'm X! I'm a Maverick Hunter.
~ Mega Man X demands that Gigabolt Man-O-War returns the electricity that he stole before Gigabolt starts his fight.
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War floats around.
Squid coookie!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War uses his Hover Dash ability.
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War uses his Plasma Gun.
Potato salad!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War uses his Bolt Whip.
Let's party!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War summons his small jellyfish drones.
Tomato juice!!!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War uses his Overdrive Attack.
Liver breath!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War's reaction to getting hit by the Crystal Wall.
Oh yeaaah!
~ Gigabolt Man-o-War's dying scream when Rock defeats him.


  • Despite his name being based off the real life Portuguese man-o'-war (Scientific name: Physalia physalis), also known as bluebottle, man-of-war, and floating terror, Gigabolt Man-O-War is actually based on jellyfishes.
  • Gigabolt Man-O-War is erroneously named Gigavolt Man-O-War in the cutscenes and in the game credits.
  • Because of how far his sanity has slipped, Gigabolt Man-O-War has suffered a malfunction, and in the past, Man-O-War is bored and lazy, but it's revealed, that because he's brainwashed, it's not his fault. This caused him to briefly exhibit an inability to speak in his intro, which is seen as reluctance, and because he doesn't understand the word Maverick and unquestioningly follows Sigma's orders, Gigabolt Man-O-War has a childish innocence, but fortunately, he did clarify to Axl that he "is in complete control of himself and his actions", and that they were necessary to help Sigma's plans.
    • Indeed, Gigabolt also has the habit of shouting food-related phrases in battle, in both English and Japanese dubs, with these being "Squid cookie!", "Elbow juice!", "Potato salad!", and while doing his Overdrive attack, "I'm a dancer!"
    • Because of the aforementioned above, Gigabolt Man-O-War is the weakest of the New Generation Reploids, and the weakest of all sixty-four Mavericks in the game series, which comfirms that Gigabolt Man-O-War is a complete baby.
    • In Japanese, Gigabolt is voiced as eerily soft spoken, feminine and robotic, while in the English dub, he sounds like a simple minded fool.
  • Etymology: Gigabolt may have gotten his name from the terms "Gigavolt" (a billion volts) and "bolt" as in "thunderbolt" (a jagged beam of electricity). His (more accurate) Japanese name may have come from "kurage", which means "jellyfish".
  • Gigabolt is the only Maverick in the game to say a positive phrase during his death: "Oh yeah!"


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