Doris Zeul (most known as Giganta) is an antagonist in The DC Superhero Girls. She is an enemy of the superhero girls & an enemy to Wonder Women & Bumblebee. She was voice by Grey Delisle.


Doris has long, red hair. In the original, it is straight. In the reboot, it is fluffy.



1st Series

2nd Series


Giganta first appears when she throws a football at Karen. Doris tells Karen that she went to chemistry once.

Doris & Livewire however takes Karen to the Locker room (presumably the boys). Karen tells her that the locker-room isn't the science building, Doris however mocks telling Karen that's her problem that she's irritates her, bugs her, & tells her that she's a puny little insect. Leslie tells Karen that she squashes bugs. Doris takes Karen's hands & uses it to hit herself while Karen briefly laughs. After Karen gets in the locker, Doris shuts the locker.








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