Super dreadnought class battleship, closing fast! This is it, the final enemy of the human race!
~ Radio chatter, when approaching Gigantic Bite.

Gigantic Bite is the main antagonist and final boss of the CS Mode of Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours, as well as the final enemy of the entire series.


Classed as a dreadnought battleship, Gigantic Bite is the ultimate leader of Belsar's forces, commanding their army against the Planet Saviours squad defending Darius. It has a lot of weapons mounted on it's body, including various laser guns and cannons, and true to it's name it is one of the largest of Belsar's battleships, comparable to Great Thing. It is shaped after the Dunkleosteus terrelli, an extinct placoderm fish.

Gigantic Bite hacks through the hyperspace communications network, causing a part of the Planet Saviours fleet to lose contact with the rest of the group and get lost during the war, though they manage to survive and reestablish contact after a backup network is set up in place. It immediately launches a surprise attack in an attempt to destroy the fleet but fails. During the years through the war, Belsar's forces start to lose the battle thanks in part to the interference of Azure Nightmare, a being which existed within the hyperspace. In a last ditch effort to stop the Planet Saviours, Gigantic Bite once again hacks through the network to confuse the exhausted Planet Saviours forces, but Azure Nightmare interferes with the noise caused by Gigantic Bite and communicates with the heroes, guiding them after Gigantic Bite itself. The forces have one final confrontation which ends with Gigantic Bite's destruction.

DARIUSBURST CS CS mode - Bedon clear

DARIUSBURST CS CS mode - Bedon clear

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