A delicious little voltage! (laughs)
~ Gigawatt after defeating Jenny the first time

Gigawatt is a one-shot villain in the Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. Gigawatt is an alien that arrived on Earth with the intention to drain all the electricity from the planet so that he can become as strong as possible.

He was voiced by Nick Jameson, who provided his Romanian-sounding accent and also played Darts D'nar from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Emperor Palpatine in the 2D cartoon Star Wars: Clone Wars.


Gigawatt arrives on Tremorton and starts to drain the electricity of the place. When Jenny battles Gigawatt, she is soon defeated by him after using her plasma ray to attack which Gigawatt absorbed to become stronger. This leads Jenny to use some upgrades that would help her defeat Gigawatt such as covering her entire body with ruber to be invulnerable to Gigawatt's attacks. However, Gigawatt creates electromagnetism in an object to attract Jenny's metal body to it. She later tries different upgrades to take down Gigawatt but fails in all the attempts.

Jenny, her mother, and her friends make a plan together involving teamwork using the previously used upgrades to make a surprise attack on Gigawatt. Gigawatt is defeated afer Jenny splashes water on him which decreased Gigawatt's energy until being reduced to a talking lightbulb. Gigawatt's head is put in a box and imprisoned afterwards, preventing him from draining energy again.


  • Gigawatt’s name was mistakenly spelled “Gigawhatt” in the credits for the episode.
  • A gigawatt is a unit of power equal to one billion watts.


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