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Gil is a major antagonist in Descendants 2 and it's prequel novel Rise of The Isle Of The Lost. He is the son of Gaston Legume, the third in command of Uma's pirate gang and a henchman to both her and Harry Hook.

He was portrayed by newcomer Dylan Playfair.


Rise of The Isle of The Lost

Gil appears in the novel after being recruited by Uma and Harry as the third member in their gang and assist them in finding King Triton's trident. After Mal and her friends retrieve it, he along with Harry and Uma wait for their perfect time to take revenge.

Descendants 2


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Gil appears to be rather dim-witted, using his brawn more than his brains. He is rather cocky and arrogant just like his father and 2 older brothers. However, he doesn't share his father's abusive and misogynistic ways as he is very loyal to Uma and Harry and genuinely cares for their safety.


Gil is a very muscular teenaged boy with tan skin and long blonde hair. His face also has face paint on it. He wears an orange tank top and an orange, leather, sleeveless coat. He also wears ripped jeans, brown boots and a bandana on his head. He also wears a lot of bronze most notably on his belt buckle and on his sheath for his sword.


  • He is Gaston's 3rd son in the Descendants universe and the only one of his sons not to be named after his father.
  • In a deleted scene Harry is shown kissing Gil making Harry the first Disney villain to kiss another person of the same sex, thus making Gil the second.


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