What are you worried about? They're only toys...
~ Gil Mars

Gil Mars is the secondary antagonist of the 1998 film Small Soldiers. He is also the corrupt CEO of Globotech Industries which has bought out Heartland Toys. He got away with everything by bribing the victims of the Commando Elite action figures to keep his good reputation alive. But they probably in secret sued him for this and he was possibly arrested for making unsafe toys.

He was portrayed by Denis Leary, who also played Fallon in Judgment Night, and Mike McCracken in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1.


Gil Mars originally selects the Commando Elite for the project and the Gorgonites for the opponents, with the toy line expected to hit the market in approximately 91 days.

Later, Mars arrives in his helicopter during the department cleanup the next day He gives Joe, the Fimples and the Abernathys money that is due for damages, and gives Larry and Irwin an authoritative instruction to prepare the Commando Elite offered for purchase to revolutionary individuals in South America. Among the mentally deranged behavior of the aftereffects of a significant disaster, Alan and Christy consent to start a relationship with each other. The Gorgonites were eventually brought to Yosemite National Park by the Abernathys.


  • Gil Mars is the Greater Scope Villain because his creation of the Commando Elite is what led to the events of the film.


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