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Villain Overview

Now tell me your secret.
~ Gil Yepes after using his mind control abilities on a red sparrow bird which nearly killed it.
Gil Yepes: All our lives people have used us, tried us like "sideshow freaks" which made us the victims, but all that ends tonight, Tonight, they fall victims to us.
Jimbo Farrar: Gil, you're wrong.
Gil Yepes: I WAS NOT! You do anything to save your wife Ann and her baby, But what did you do for us?!, We're gonna make you pay!, Starting with your "precious" Killian Foundation.
Jimbo Farrar: Gil, stop!
Gil Yepes: You think this world for saving, Huh? Then save it!
~ Gil Yepes as he plots his revenge by destroying the Killian University at the White House.
Gil Yepes: Kill him.
Liza Everton [staring in shock seeing Jimbo and his wife Ann being held in danger by Gil as Gil going to brutally attack Jimbo's wife Ann and her pregnant baby and ultimately gives her refusement]: I can't.
~ Gil Yepes over Liza's refusal to kill Jimbo, his wife Ann and their pregnant baby.

Gil Yepes is the titular main antagonist of the French novel La Nuit Des Enfants Rois and its 2011 French-British animated film adaptation The Prodigies. He is a 13 year old abused and bullied child living in New Mexico with the ability to control people's minds who is picked up by Jimbo after winning and finishing a test on the Killian Network's online game "The Game", Gil then participates in a game show called "American Genius" by the Killian Network, but after the sexual assault on one of his friends Liza he gets bitter revenge on the people who hurt or failed on them and tries to get his revenge on Jimbo after being betrayed by him by almost brutally killing his wife Ann and their pregnant baby.

He was voiced by Ben Schiller in the English version of the film and Thomas Sagols in the French version of the film while Jacob Rosenbaum provides the motion capture performance of the film.



Gil is a 13-year old child living in New Mexico with the ability to control people's minds. One day, he joined Killian Network's online game "The Game" along with Liza Everton, Harry Sparks, Sammy Goldberg, and Lee Mishon using their psychic abilities to prove they got skills, After completing his test in "The Game" he hacks into Jimbo's computer Fozzie to ask about his location saying "Where are you?", Jimbo picks them under Charles Killian's command and makes Gil do a test on a red sparrow using his own psychic powers, almost killing the bird instantly. Later, he and the four teenagers enters the Killian Network's new game show "American Genius" (a mashup of American Idol and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? where a large-scale televised competition is to reveal future geniuses for their bright future and being geniuses) as contestants, seeing Jimbo in the audience.

The Thug Attack and Sexual Assault of Liza at Central Park

Afterwards, they decided to meet up with Jimbo as he didn't showed up due to him finding out his wife Ann was pregnant as they see instead see the two thugs Lorenzo and Diaz, who starts attacking them and sexually assault Liza Everton as he and the three others were left unconscious after being attacked by them. However, Liza's pain of her sexual assault was telepathically extended to the four other teenagers (including Jimbo Farrar as he showed up), they drove over the thugs using their mind control powers. Jimbo hurries over to Liza after recovering his senses and finds her in a huge coma and then smashes a brick wall at Central Park as a result.

Revenge and Framing Jimbo Farrar

The next day, Gil sees Jimbo after being released from hospital shortly after Jimbo's firing from the Killian Foundation after Jimbo learned that Melanie Killian had to cover up the crime in order to preserve the TV show American Genius, by claiming that Liza was injured by a hit-and-run accident, He ultimately refused a hug from Jim, the three teenagers appears as Jimbo tries to convince to them that he will protect them from something evil if he knows what their doing but Gil says "So their six of us right?", During the night, he and the three teenagers break into Killian University, turn off the cameras by hacking it, and finds a homemade VHS of Jimbo's time during his days at a mental hospital years discussing about his feelings of isolation that are caused by his supernatural abilities, as well as the possibility of others like him being out there. The mention of him bringing them all together to avenge themselves for all the years of mistreatment and to avenge the people that they love and destroying those with their powers. Jimbo's words causes Gil and the three teenagers Sammy, Harry, and Lee to avenge Liza by brutally killing the two thugs Lorenzo and Diaz who sexually assault Liza and attacking him and the three teenagers while also killing a police officer who helped to cover up the crime along with his wife using their psychic powers. At this point they can control humans's minds if their alive or dead with their psychic abilities, using them as puppets-likes via their minds. That stormy midnight after finding a homemade VHS from the Mental Hospital with himself when he was young on his TV at his apartment, Jimbo pays a visit to them at Killian University he asks them what are they doing at Killian University saying they understood Jimbo's "wisdom" words and accepts it, Gil and the three teenagers then suddenly take Jenkins hostage using their powers. They tried to confess Jimbo to kill him, but ultimately refused. As a result, they brutally attack Jimbo, knocking him unconscious using Jenkins and their psychic powers. Gil steals Jimbo's phone Fozzie saying to Jimbo "we'll believed in you, Mr. Farrar", feeling betrayed by him, he controls Jimbo's unconscious body attacking and killing Jenkins instantly and they then frame Jimbo by editing security camera footage and its VHS and sending him to jail. At the interrogation room, Jimbo tries to convince to them explaining to the police lieutenant who interrogating him and the policemen, the truth about himself and the teenagers's mind control abilities, but Jimbo begins to hallucinated when Gil and Lee tries to make him to kill the police lieutenant who interrogation him, then we see flashbacks of the four teenagers avenging Liza by brutally killing Lorenzo, McKenzie, McKenzie's wife and Jenkins, we learn that Jimbo was young, As he was beaten up by his parents Jimbo uses his mental powers to kill his parents. As young Jimbo watches sadly as his abusive father commits suicide with his own belt, we learn why Jimbo refuses to use his psychic powers against or kill Jenkins when Gil and the three teenagers tell him to do, After killing a red sparrow bird in a mental hospital, Killian tells Jimbo never use his powers again to kill or touch any living things. After that, the policemen don't believe him, particularly due his supposed history of having schizophrenia and severe psychiatric disorder. Jimbo eventually relents and is sent to prison.

The White House and The Final Confrontation

During a appearance on American Genius during Christmas, while asking his final question on the show, he stares widely to the audience saying "Meet us at the White House" to Liza while at a hospital room in bed watching Gil on TV. After learning about her husband Jimbo and the four teenagers's psychic abilities from Jimbo's police interview, Ann visits Liza to get advice and help from her, but Liza refuses and loses control of her psychic powers almost killing Ann's pregnant baby and kicks her out by pretending to the police that Ann "needs help", Liza then gives her a secretly miserable look before shutting and closing the blinds. Ann calls Jimbo in prison for one minute to tell him about what happened calming she don't think that their baby not going to come out. She tells him that she going to tell Melanie at the White House in Washington the truth about the five teenagers, Upset and enraged over their pregnant baby being attacked by Liza and the four teenagers's ultimate mystery plan, he breaks free from prison by killing the two prison guards using his psychic abilities making his prison escape. Later on at the White House, he, his allies, and Justin enter the White House. Ann tried to warn Melanie Killian the truth about Gil and his three friends with psychic abilities and that Liza nearly attacked their pregnant baby while making a visit at the Hospital. but was caught by Gil and his three friends as they were about to enter the Oval Office knowing what she was doing with their evil and nervous look to her, their, they take a photoshoot with the President of the United States, Meanwhile, Jimbo visits Liza at her house and asks a apology from her, she accepts, At the entrance of the White House, Jimbo and Liza attempted to sneak inside at the White House to stop Gil and the three teenagers by doing his undoing plan, but they were halted by security guards and soldiers, one of them says "This is your last warning: Stop now or we'll shoot!", So Jimbo stops and accepts their agreement, but Liza doesn't and uses her psychic powers without permission to make their move, This then triggers a alarm and initiates a security procedure where they take everyone (including him, his three friends, Jimbo's wife Ann, the fifth American Genius contestant Justin and Melanie Killian) at the Oval Office to evacuate and must get to safety to the security bunker to be safe, at the security elevator which takes them down to the security bunker, we learn Gil and his three friends were plotting something dark and evil, with Gil having a malicious smile, After Liza's attack, as they enter the security bunker, But once inside and all exits are sealed, Gil gives a another malicious smile to a uncomfortable Ann, knowing what she was doing, Ann realizes what Gil and his three friends are doing and plotting something dark as they enter, Gil, Harry, Sammy and Lee then begins killing the security guards, bodyguards, and soldiers and taking the president, Melanie Killian, a fifth American Genius contestant named Justin and Jimbo's wife Ann hostage. he then kills Melanie Killian off as plot of his ultimate revenge giving himself a evil malicious smile. As Jimbo and Liza enters the security bunker, he holds Jimbo hostage by putting him to the security bunker's glass windows, brutally attacks Ann's pregnant baby using his psychic abilities and then launches a missile nuke at Killian University, killing the president of the United States as a result. Sammy then raises the possibility to Gil that her child, being Jimbo's as well, might also be "one of us". After launching a missile nuke towards Killian University. Gil then tries to brutally kill Ann and her pregnant baby in a violent fashion through his psychic abilities. Gil tried to confess Liza to kill him and his wife, But ultimately refused saying to her "YOU'RE JUST LIKE ALL OF THE REST!", Upset and enraged over Gil nearly brutally attacking and killing his wife Ann and her pregnant baby using his psychic abilities, Jimbo breaks free and he and Gil have a epic fight using bodyguards and soldiers's dead corpses via their psychic powers as Jimbo tries to protect Ann. Gil and Lee try to strangle Ann using Melanie's dead body via their psychic powers by holding Jimbo down, although Jimbo stops Gil and Lee's command. He asks him did he think that Jimbo had "abandoned him", but Gil attacks Jimbo multiple times using bodyguards and soldiers's dead corpses, but Jimbo stops all of Gil's commands. He replies to Jimbo "You did abandoned us, Jimbo.", Jimbo tried to convince Gil for forgiveness by hugging him, but Gil refused and brutally snaps Jimbo's arm using his mind control abilities as Jimbo tries to have a hug with him, a fifth American Genius contestant Justin tries to attempt to kill Gil after the brutally attack from Gil towards Jimbo, before avoiding the fifth American Genius contestant Justin. following the fifth American Genius contestant Justin accidentally killing Jimbo, he tried to stop Liza from stopping his undoing plan shouting to Liza and the three teenagers that Jimbo had "betrayed them" (or "betrayed us") but horribly slaps Liza for her refusal to cooperate with him after shouting to him "Look at what we done, Gil!", the horrible slapping of Liza causes Harry, Sammy and Lee to come to his senses and Liza convinces her friends to stop Gil's horrible plan, Sammy then stops him using his powers to stop Gil and Harry stops the missile launching directly towards to Killian University, stopping Gil's horrible plan ultimately, but Jimbo tragically dies shortly afterwards and after the missile to Killian University is disabled.

Separate Ways

Four months later after Jimbo's tragic death, he goes on his own journey plotting dark plans as Liza, Sammy, Harry, and Lee goes on their own journey to search for people like them using mind control powers, doing Jimbo and Killian's plan as a result.


Gil has brown eyes and brown hair. He is first seen wearing a hat, a sleeveless jacket, a t-shirt and blue jeans, with this outfit being swapped for his American Genius outfit (sans hat) as the film goes on.


Gil Yepes first appears as a quiet and bullied child, but through the events of the film, he turns into an aggressive, megalomaniacal, and cruel person willing to do anything to succeed in his path of revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Gil can control people, animals, objects, and corpses with his psychic abilities, using them as puppets via their brains.


  • The scene where Gil Yepes nearly kills a red sparrow with his psychic powers but stopped by Jimbo could foreshadowed that he's the main antagonist of the movie and isn't remotely friendly as Jimbo assumed he is.
  • According to details, The Prodigies was originally to have a PS3 and Xbox 360 tie-in game of the movie to be made, with Gil Yepes being the main or secondary player/protagonist or the main antagonist of the video game, but was canceled after the planned video game developer, Darkwoods, was shut down.
  • Despite being the main antagonist of the movie, Gil doesn't have much dialogue until the four teenagers meet Jimbo during the stormy midnight.

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