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You will wear a grey dress and answer to this whistle!
~ Gilda to Ms. Finster.

Gilda is the secondary antagonist of the Recess episode "Prickly is Leaving". She serves as the assistant to Dr. Slicer, who is known to be the most evil and meanest administrator in the school district.

She was voiced by Tress MacNeille, who also voiced Dr. Steinheimer.


Just like her boss, Gilda is shown to enjoy employing tactics that are cruel and unusual, such a public humiliation and inflexible adherence to rules; she even provided newspaper hats for those as a warning in case they would defy Slicer's rules. She also proven to be a control freak as when Slicer placed her in charge of playground, she ordered Finster to wear a great dress and answer to her annoying whistle.


When Dr. Slicer is about to be assigned as the new principal of Third Street Elementary as the current principal Peter Prickly is about to enter a job as a principal for a middle school, Gilda accompanies him as she writes down notes of his plans of turning the school into his very own authoritarian institution, such as tearing down the jungle gym and replacing it with a guard tower, creating a new school uniform and regulation haircut code, and applying cover paint to the main compound building to suit his purposes.

Just like her boss, Gilda is shown to be outright evil in nature, even helping her boss creating a newspaper hat for one of the students named T.J. Detweiller as a warning against him if he goes out of line. Dr. Slicer even leaves Gilda in charge of the playground, demoting the current groundskeeper Muriel Finster to being her assistant, much to Finster's dismay. Gilda sinks further when she announced to Finster that she will have to wear a grey dress while serving her and answer to her annoying whistle, much to Finster's anger.

However, she and Dr. Slicer are defeated when Principal Prickly decides to stay being principal of Third Street Elementary, much to both Finster and the students' delight.

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