An ancient hero from the time of legends, who slew a great behemoth to save the land from destruction. Now, dark emotions cloud his heart.
~ The beastiary about Gilgamech.

Gilgamech is the main antagonist of SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Gilgamech' was a hero that defeated a Behemoth and was remembered by the people for a while, even creating the first heroes guild. Years later, after he was forgotten about, because of this he grew bitter and created the Void Army. He then hired Headmistress Hyapathia to help him locate the Necrominicog. He then saw a group of heroes and his old friend Orik. He then zapped the group wilth electrizity and took the artifact. He was later confrunted again by the group in his own castle and so fought against them. After a difficult battle, he left and went to the castle's bastment. He fought against the heroes once more and later went to fight against the Behemoth a bit later. He noticed that the behemoth was larger than the last time and tried to order it around, only to be paralized by an electric current from the beast. He explained to the group that he only wanted the world to be filled with heroes once more and that he will be alright. He was later seen to become a mini-golf champion.

Powers and Abilities

Cards: Gilgamech has cards bast on uising an elemental power with his twin swords and trying to lower his apponents HP as fast as he can. The cards that he uses are; Ultima, Meteor, Freezing Smite, Bone Sword, Grandeur, True Heroic Strike, Lightning Final, Burning Smite, Subjugate, Blaster Canon and Punish.


  • Gilgamech's name is a play on the name Gilgamesh, a famous historical knight and mech.
  • Gilgamech's statues act as save points in the game he originated from.

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