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Think well before you risk my defiance, Prince Duncan.
~ Gillecomgain to Prince Duncan.

Gillecomgain was a major antagonist to the pre-modern gargoyles of the animated series "Gargoyles".

He was voiced by Cam Clarke as a young boy and Jim Cummings as an adult who also voices Lord Boxman, Razoul, Ed, Dennis, Steele, Dr. Robotnik, Sierra and Hadrian, and also voiced Dingo and Matrix in the same show.


Raised as a young boy in Castle Wyvern, Gillecomgain had the misfortune of disturbing Demona one night while she was stealing food - having already become deeply embittered with humans over the massacre of her clan, Demona used her powerful claws to slash the boy's face, leaving him horribly scarred.

Filled with utter rage for the creature that had harmed him so, Gillecomgain became the first Hunter and a dedicated xenophobe who tracked down gargoyles to be put to death. Due to this hatred, he joined forces with King Constantine III and joined him on his anti-gargoyle raids - shattering many stone gargoyles with such rage that even Constantine was impressed.

When Gillecomgain reached adulthood, he made good on his promise to hunt down Demona, entered into the service of Prince Duncan as a paid assassin and murdered Findlaech for him. Gillecomgain was rewarded by Duncan by being appointed High Steward of Moray. Twelve years later, Duncan made sure that Gillecomgain got Gruoch as a bride. After Gillecomgain was wed, Duncan asked him to murder Macbeth but Gillecomgain rejected the idea on the grounds that it would be too risky. Duncan was quick to anger and betrayed Gillecomgain to Macbeth, revealing to him Gillecomgain's secret identity as the Hunter. Thus, Macbeth and Demona arrived at Castle Moray to confront him (though they were not allied, Demona had arrived only due to the intervention of the Weird Sisters). In this battle, Demona learnt the truth about Gillecomgain and killed him, ending his reign of terror, but not his legacy, which would live on for centuries to come in the form of the Hunters.

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