Gilotina is an enemy of Superman in the DC universe. She is one of the Female Furies of Apokolips.


A member of the original group of Female Furies], Gilotina was later bumped to a junior member and worked with the other younger members of the group: Malice Vundabar, Speed Queen, and Bloody Mary. Gilotina had the ability to chop through anything with her hands, hence the name, but is armed with battle swords. She was eventually abandoned by the Furies after a failed mission, and joined Project Cadmus. A short time later she rejoined the Furies.

Rejoining the Furies she was able to rise in their ranks. As field leader of a team of Furies, Gilotina was put in charge of testing a new potential recruit named Precious. She and the Furies battled Precious, but Precious proved unworthy and was quickly slain. After the abduction of Supergirl, Gilotina lead a team of Furies into battle against former leader Big Barda and her ally Wonder Woman. After their defeat it is unknown what became of her team of Furies.


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