Gina is one of the three leaders of the Guar Army alongside her younger brother Juda and older brother Mold. She is one of the main antagonists of the Andros Super Warriors miniseries.

Gina returns in her Spectre form as an antagonist in Ultraman X.


Andros Melos

Gina founded the Guar Army alongside her brothers for the purpose of conquering the universe. After their plans were foiled countless times by the Andros Warriors, Gina fused with her siblings to create Guar to defeat them. She was ultimately killed by her rival, Andros Floru.

Ultraman X

Gina and her brother Mold were both revived as Spectres by Yapool during the events of Ultra Fight Victory. However, she was unable to assist Juda Spectre before he was killed. After his death, Gina and her older brother decided to recreate the Guar Army to once again try and conquer the universe. Gina awakened Demaaga and struck it with Dark Thunder Energy, turning it into Tsurugi Demaaga. She later summoned Zaragas from a Spark Doll and recruited Alien Shaplay and Alien Magma as members of the Guar Army.

Gina told Mold of Ultraman X and was informed by him of his intentions to use Dark Thunder Energy to enhance the Guar Army. She later absorbed Dark Thunder Energy alongside Mold to strengthen their energies. She and Alien Shaplay later fought against the attack teams while her brother and Alien Magma battled Ultraman X and Ultraman Victory. She later fused with Mold and Juda's soul to form Guar Spectre.

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