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Gina was a gold-digging waitress who is after the money of Roger's persona of "Max Jets".

"Max" tells the family that he is leaving his money to Gina as his girlfriend. The Smiths try to warn Max about her motives of marrying him only for the money. But Max refuse to listen. So they try to kill Max before the wedding but their own greed causes them to trip over themselves, knocking them out until it is too late to stop the wedding.

As Gina reveals she has a prenuptial agreement to stay out of Max's money, Max drops over dead after the Smith's later find that Max left all of his money to his estranged "son" Jerry Jets, another one of Roger's personas. But he and Gina reveals as Max Jets' murderers by poisoning the wedding cake to have all the money for themselves. Roger returns and reveals that she managed to kill Jerry Jets as well by beating him to death with an oar so she can keep the wealth all to herself. This shows just how evil Gina really is.

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