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Gina Xenson - Rabbids Invasion

Gina Xenson is one of the two main antagonists of the animated series Rabbids Invasion. She and John Charles are the main villains of the N98000 episodes. She is a cruel scientist who wishes to analyze the rabbids in order to gain fame and fortune, no matter how much she hurts the rabbids.

She was voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.


In more recent episodes, as a result of her and John's research she seems to have come to the conclusion that the Rabbids are stupid and mocks John's attempts to prove otherwise.

In all of those episodes she and John test the Rabbids to see what will happen however she becomes frustrated very soon after, in the last N°98000 where they tested other animals with the Rabbids, she wanted the octopus to win, which he did, but the Rabbid also beat the tests, in the last one the Rabbid beats it, and she angrily presses a button that opens a trapdoor and makes all animals fall.

As she and John work together as a disgruntled team, they rarely bully each other during these experiments. In the episode Rabbid Like Me, he made John dress up as a Rabbid. At the end she gets arrested by the local police while John becomes crazy like the Rabbids themselves putting the blame on Gina.


  • She is previously fan-named Jessica.
  • Lookalike characters of her do appear as background characters or recurring characters very much so entirely appear on the show.
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