Ginarrbrik is a supporting antagonist in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He is a dwarf who drives the White Witch's sled.

He was portrayed by Big Mick in the BBC series while he was portrayed Kenyan-Indian actor and stuntman Kiran Shah in the film series.


In most versions, after Aslan ended the Witch's winter in Narnia, the Witch commanded Ginarrbrik to make Edmund walk with them, and the Witch threatened to kill either if they mentioned Aslan's name. In the book and the animated film, when Edmund is rescued, the Witch uses her power to make him look like a stump, and her look like a boulder. In the Disney film, he is tied up in Edmund's place, and the Witch decides not to kill him.

His fate is never clearly given in the book, and in the animated film, the dwarf presumably runs off with the rest of the Witch's army, and may have later been killed when Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy hunted down the remnants of the evil creatures.

In the BBC film, the dwarf defends the Witch in battle, and is later wounded and possibly killed by a griffin; he is last seen writhing in agony before Aslan arrives.

In the Disney film, Ginarrbrik's role is expanded in the battle. He shot the unicorn Peter was riding with an arrow, and after the battle was over, he attempted to kill Edmund, but was shot by Susan with an arrow.

In Other Media

Ginarrbrik also appears in the spoof Epic Movie under the name "Bink", where he is repeatedly zapped by The White Bitch with her wand. He is killed when Edward body slams him after Peter freezes time with the remote from Click.


  • He goes unnamed in the book, the animated film, and the BBC film. But in the live-action film, he is given a name in the Disney film.


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