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Ginger is a Narnian talking cat with a silky voice and a supporting antagonist in The Last Battle.


Ginger was an orange-coloured tomcat with green eyes who first appeared when he questioned the belief in Aslan and Tash being one. Afterwards, he became one of the Ape Shift's advisors. After Puzzle the Donkey was rescued by Jill Pole from his forced hiding in the stable, Shift started drinking and the plot was then mainly carried out by Ginger and the Calormen commander Rishda Tarkaan. Both Ginger and Rishda disliked the Ape, calling him a "stupid, greedy brute". But they went along with Shift's schemes and made use of him because many Narnians already believed he was Aslan's mouthpiece.

Ginger however did not believe in neither Aslan nor Tash. He continued pretending to believe in "Tashlan" as it furthered his and Rishda's evil plot. During a meeting at the stable, Ginger was one of the animals who volunteered to go into the stable as part of his scheme. Things went wrong when Tash actually showed up and attacked him. Ginger then ran out of the stable terrified. Because of this, Ginger lost his ability to speak and became an ordinary cat which shocked the talking animals. He then disappeared and was never seen again.


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