What a move. I fell in love right there. But in Vegas, for a girl like Ginger, love costs money.
~ Sam Rothstein on Ginger.

Ginger McKenna is the secondary antagonist of the 1995 Martin Scorcese film Casino. She is based on the real life Las Vegas socialite, showgirl, and model, the late Geraldine "Geri" McGee.

She is portrayed by Sharon Stone, who is perhaps best known for portraying the Basic Instinct femme fatale, Catherine Tramell.


A hustler by nature, Ginger has no capacity for love, often using her looks to fool men into supporting her. Ginger's heartless persona has become infamous among movie fans, and she is often ranked as one of the greatest female movie villains. Sharon Stone won a Golden Globe for her performance and is to this day recognized as one of the best villainesses in modern cinema. Ginger is depicted as a heartless casino hustler in Las Vegas, Nevada during the early 1970s. One evening, Tangiers Casino manager and mob handicapper Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Robert DeNiro) is watching over the security cameras when he catches Ginger stealing poker chips after distracting men with her good looks. Sam and security arrive, and after Ginger is caught by the man she is stealing from, she causes a scene and throws the poker chips all around, causing a bunch of patrons to get into a frenzy and pick them all up. Sam becomes infatuated with Ginger and begins giving her a bunch of lavish gifts, including expensive jewel-encrusted gold adornments and the highest fashions. When Sam reveals to Ginger that he wants to settle down, Ginger warns him that she is not the kind of woman who would make a good mother. Sam denies this and the two wind up getting married and have a daughter named Amy. Ginger would later get depressed and resort to heavy drug use and drinking to ease the pain of her loneliness and distorted mindframe. 

Ginger is not happy and winds up having two seperate affairs, one with Lester Diamond (James Woods), her pimp ex-boyfriend and a country club golf hustler, along with Sam's best friend, Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci). This drives Sam to the edge and Ginger's numerous affairs result in the entire Las Vegas mob operation slowly deteoriating before collapsing entirely. Ginger escapes to Los Angeles and takes with her all of the Tangier's money, but after she is killed by a forced overdose on heroin orchestrated by the mob, it is revealed that Ginger had spent almost all of the money on herself.

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