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Well, it sure ain't the Pillsbury f-cking doughboy.
~ Gingerdead Man

Millard Findlemyer, or better known as the Gingerdead Man (although no one ever actually calls him that and that alias comes right from the movie titles themselves), is the main antagonist of the Gingerdead Man series.

He was portrayed/voiced by Gary Busey in the first film (who has also portrayed Phil Cassidy in the Grand Theft Auto series and Joshua in Lethal Weapon), the late John Vulich in the second film, William Butler in the third film, and Bob Ramos in the crossover.


Millard Findlemyer first appeared in the movie Gingerdead Man, an unrated horror comedy parody of the classic children's tale of the Gingerbread Man, only while the Gingerbread Man was aimed at children, Gingerdead Man was not. Millard was an infamous serial killer/armed robber who attacked bakeries and stole from the cash registers while shooting all the customers and employees he came across. One day, he was caught and put on trial where one of his victims, whom he let live, served to testify against him. Thanks to the person's testimony, Findlemyer was found guilty and killed in an electric chair, but after his death, his equally evil mother brought him back to life as a possessed gingerbread man, so he could get revenge on the woman who testified against him in court. He returned and killed more people as the Gingerdead Man before being killed a second time. In the sequel, his mother brought him back again and sent him to Los Angeles, so he could try to find a way to transfer his soul into a human body and be reborn, so he could kill more people as a human again, but was stopped and burned to a crisp. However, as the movie ended, a homeless man ate his remains and became possessed. He return in the third movie Gingerdead Man: Saturday Night Clever. Their only salvation is to turn to help from the dastardly Bong. It is one tough cookie versus one bad trip mother when the two Titans of Terror hash out a war in the Bong World. The stakes have never been higher.


The Gingerdead Man

  1. Unknown woman at Cadillac Jacks. diner - Shot in the forehead (as Millard Findlemeyer).
  2. James Leigh - Shot in the chest (as Millard Findlemeyer).
  3. Jeremy Leigh - Stabbed in the back (as Millard Findlemeyer).
  4. Jimmy Dean - Ran over with his car (as the Gingerdead Man)
  5. Lorna - Knife thrown to the forehead (as the Gingerdead Man).

Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust

  1. Unknown person - Decapitated with a crosscut saw (off-screen).
  2. Ricki Johnson - Electrocuted by curling iron shoved into his rectum.
  3. Polly Bonderhoof - Stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife.
  4. Cornelius Entemann - Stabbed with a kitchen knife via Polly.
  5. Jake - Eye gouged out, disintegrated with lasers blasted from a robot prop.
  6. Tommy/"Demon Warrior 13" - Stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife.

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

  1. Scientist #1 - Shot twice with a handgun.
  2. Scientist #2 - Shot twice with a handgun.
  3. Doreen - Sprayed by hydrochloric acid connected to a hose/melted.
  4. Connie - Sprayed by hydrochloric acid connected to a hose/melted.
  5. Sandy - Sprayed by hydrochloric acid connected to a hose/melted.
  6. Unnamed Janitor - Shot to death repeatedly with a nail gun.
  7. Female Teenager - Shot to death repeatedly with a nail gun.
  8. Male Teenager - Shot to death repeatedly with a nail gun.
  9. Unnamed Clerk - Hacked apart with a meat cleaver.
  10. Female DJ - Poisoned after snorting cleaning product in cocaine.
  11. Tammy Pimento - Head sliced in half with a meat cleaver.
  12. Wheels Epstein - Meat cleaver thrown into face.
  13. Coco - Shot in the forehead with handgun.
  14. Yoko - Shot in the forehead with handgun.
  15. P.J. - Shot in the head with handgun.

NOTE: All of the murders were undone when the Gingerdead Man was defeated.

Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong

  1. Debbie - Stabbed twice in the chest and three times in the neck.
  2. Debbie's Boyfriend - Head hit by an axe.
  3. String - Skin pulled off, stabbed multiple times (off-screen).



  • The original design of Gingerdead Man was going to be more based on Pillsbury Doughboy, but the idea was later cut under the production.