I told you I'd be back. I'm immortal! HEHEHEHEHE! Now, less talk and more chop!
~ Ginghamphatts to Jubei

Ginghamphatts is a Genma demon and boss in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. He is a giant spider-like monster that fights with 3 different weapons: a pickaxe, a standard ax, and a giant hammer. He possesses the ability to detach his upper body from his legs and fly like a giant insect. He then can control both parts of his detached body separately.  He also seems to have a rivalry with fellow Genma Jujudormah

Onimusha: Samurai's Destiny

Although Ginghamphatts only appears in one Onimusha game in the series, his a major enemy Jubei has to fight nevertheless. Ginghamphatts is the first boss Jubei has to fight in the game. When Jubei first runs into him in a mine, Ginghamphatts is infuriated that Jubei has stepped foot in "his" territory. Ginghamphatts tries to kill Jubei with his giant pickaxe but fails.

Later, while Jujudormah and Jubei are exchanging words in a magical forest, Ginghamphatts appears and tells Jujudormah to let him kill Jubei. Jujudormah is reluctant at first, but leaves after she tells Ginhamphatss "I know you'll lose again anyway!". This time, Ginghamphatts utilizes speed to try and trample Jubei. He also fights with a giant ax instead of his pickaxe. Jubei defeats him.

Ginghamphatts meets Jubei one last time at Gifu Castle. He swears revenge and now wields a giant hammer. In the middle of the fight, Ginghamphatts detaches his torso from his legs, and Jubei has to fight both parts of Ginghamphatss at the same time.

Ginghamphatts is defeated one of two ways. One way is that Jubei knocks Ginhamphatts in a giant hole in the ground. Ginghamphatss falls down screaming.

If the player has a good enough relationship with Jubei's ally, Magoichi, he appears with a new super weapon. Magoichi shoots Ginhamphatss with it and he vaporizes.

Although he is never seen again, Ginhamphatss routinely tells Jubei that he is immortal. It's unknown whether or not Ginhhamphatts survives the final fight.

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