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Ginias Sahalin is the primary antagonist of the 12th episode Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team OVA. He is a Zeon Rear Admiral and scientist serving as the director of the Apsalus Project.

As a child, Ginias developed a rare incurable illness that required him to take medication regularly in order to sustain his well-beling. His disease only gets worse as the OVA continues, taking a heavy toll on his sanity.

He is voiced by Show Hayami, who also voiced Sōsuke Aizen in Bleach and Iznario Fareed in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Ginias was the scientist in charge of the "Apsalus Project", an attempt by the Principality of Zeon to develop a mobile armor equipped with a beam weapon powerful enough to destroy the Earth Federation's subterranean military headquarters at Jaburo from space. While initially met with resistance from several high-ranking Zeon officials, Degwin Zabi personally signed off on the project. With that, Ginias began work on the project, with his younger sister, Aina serving as the test pilot.

After the Zeon forces were defeated in Operation Odessa, the Apsalus Project began to lose support, with it being instead focused on evacuating the Zeon forces into space. However, unwilling to halt work on the project go unfinished when it could turn the tide of the war in Zeon's favor, Ginias began secretly working to arrange things so that Apsalus would be finished in time to do participate in the final stand against the Earth Federation at Zeon's mountain fortress in Asia. He blew up the entrances to the base to kill the one supervising the evaculation, Admiral Yuri Kellerne.

His sanity decreasing even more due to his illness, once the Apsalus III was completed, Ginias executed his entire development team the scientists. When his sister asks what happened to them Ginias tells her they are all drunk somewhere. He then launches the Apsalus III and attempts to use it to destroy the Federation forces. However, after falling out of the Apsalus' cockpit, Aina turns against Ginias and joins up with Shiro to destroy the Apsalus. They succeed in taking it down, resulting in the death of Ginias.

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