Ginkotsu is the fifth member of the Band of Seven to appear. He is a cyborg with various artillery and is Renkotsu's only ally.

He was voiced by Mark Gibbon.


He first appears to fight Inuyasha to delay him while Renkotsu deals with his friends. Despite being a dangerous enemy, Inuyasha manages to defeat him. However, a tenacious Ginkotsu tries to hinder Inuyasha after Renkotsu's true colors are revealed.  

Inuyasha still defeats him and manages to save his friends. Only Ginkotsu's head survives the battle. Renkotsu then rebuilds Ginkotsu as a transport mechanism for the Band of Seven to travel distances. After Koga gets to Mt. Hakurei, Renkotsu and Ginkotsu attempt to ambush him, only for Koga to defeat Ginkotsu. The anime and manga differ in the manner of his demise. In the manga, he is killed when Koga stuffs his own armor into his gears, causing him to explode. 

In the anime, Ginkotsu manages to survive the explosion and attempt a failed kamikaze on Koga. Ginkotsu is literally a walking arsenal and has many advanced weapons (for his time period) at his disposal.  


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