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Gino Bolognese is the main antagonist in the 1999 dark comedy, Guest House Paradiso. In the film, he is the fiancé of famous Italian actress, Gina Carbonara; however is left at the altar after she flees to the obscure Guest House Paradiso, run by Richie and Eddie.

He was portrayed by Vincent Cassel, who also plays Philippe LaRoche in Derailed, and The Asset in Jason Bourne.


Early in the movie, Richie is watching television where its reported Gina has ran out of her wedding to Gino, who the news reporter identifies as suspected for drug dealing, before he knocks the camera out.

Later in the movie, after Gina comes to stay at the Guest House Paradiso to secretly lay low for her husband. Richie and Eddie inadvertently alert Gino to her location by fiercely promoting her as their new guest to attract customers.

Gino arrives and physically assaults Eddie into getting him and Gina some dinner, before also slipping him some money to call a few prostitutes to their room. After Richie and Eddie confiscate some evidence of their misdeeds from Mr. Nice, they are alerted by Eddie's friends who work at the local power plant that the fish they're cooking is highly contaminated (unbeknownst to the two, who got the fish after it fell from tarp-covered trucks heading from the power plant).

Meanwhile, after a spontaneous elopement, Gino attempts to have sex with Gina, which she declines. Gino is quickly infuriated, and proceeds to scoff down their entire dinner of fish before physically assaulting her. Just before Gino could rape Gina, the effects of the fish begin to overwhelm Gino, who projectile-vomits continuously.

While Richie and Eddie quickly prepare their crime scene getaway, Gino blows down their room door with his vomit, and Richie and Eddie rescue Gina as they flee to the lobby. Gino reaches the end of the hallway, where all the other guests (also ill from eating the fish) vomit toward Gino's direction, blowing him out a window and off the cliff the Guest House Paradiso is located on. Gino subsequently falls into the ocean to his death, which Gina later thanks Richie and Eddie for indirectly causing at the end of the movie.

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