Gio is an antagonist from the series Angel.

She is portrayed by Khalil Kain.


He originally came from Miami, where he was responsible for the death of a girl who had trusted him. In Los Angeles, he took over the leadership of the gang of Gunn and Rondell after they had left them and turned them into fanatical demon hunters, as he himself was.

With this gang, he also killed several innocent and harmless demons, and had his fun at the murders. Finally, he and the gang also attacked Lorne's bar, killing several guests, most of whom were demons. Because the bar was protected by a spell, the demons could not attack them.

He tried to get Gunn back on his side and asked him to kill Angel. But Fred attacked him, and she was able to delay the attack on Angel long enough until the spell of demonic violence prevented him from extinguishing. Angel then defeated the rest of the gang, and Gio was killed by a demon, whom he had previously held hostage.