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You know something, Lincoln, you're possibly the baddest motherf---er I ever laid my eyes on. But you shouldn't have said no.
~ Giorgi Marcano to Lincoln Clay, moments before his betrayal.
You... stupid... mother f---er... It was never about us. It was... about my old man... my father... I'd do anything for him... Same as you and Sammy...
~ Giorgi to Lincoln, his last words.

Giorgi Marcano is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 crime video game Mafia III. He is the son of Sal Marcano, who is the don of the Marcano Crime Family in New Bordeaux, and is also an underboss in the crime family. Though originally a friend of Lincoln Clay, Giorgi and his father would betray him and the Black Mob to obtain the money plates after the robbery of the Federal Reserve.

He was voiced by Mercer Boffey.



Giorgi Marcano was born around the late 1930s or the early 1940s to Sal and Virginia Marcano, and became close to his father after his mother's death. Growing up in a life of luxury since his father was the don of the Marcano crime family, Giorgi would gain a superiority complex due to his family's status in New Bordeaux. During his youth, Giorgi would befriend Lincoln Clay and Ellis Robinson, who were members of the Black Mob that was tied to the Italian mafia, and Danny Burke, who was the son of Thomas Burke. Once he reached the right age, Giorgi became an underboss in the crime family, but unlike the others, didn't hold any control and was assigned to make the Dixie Mafia keep control in the Delray Hollow.

Mafia III

Giorgi reunited with Lincoln in 1968 after he returned from the Vietnam War, but Clay would learn that his foster family were threated by the Haitian mafia. Giorgi and Sal were informed that Clay eliminated the Haitian's leader Baka, they were impressed with his skills and decided to recruit him, Ellis and Danny to rob the Federal Reserve. During the meeting, Sal asks Lincoln to become the head of the Delray Hollow to allow Sammy Robinson to retire, but the Marcanos are disappointed that Lincoln rejects their offer but agrees to commit the heist. Giorgi and Lincoln steal uniforms to infiltrate the reserve, and manage to pull off the heist despite dealing with the police. After the heist, Giorgi, Sal and Ritchie Doucet meet with Sammy and Ellis Robinson, Lincoln and Danny to collect their cut from the robbery.

Giorgi and Sal then betray them and burn down Sammy's bar after collecting the money, but unbeknownst to them, Lincoln survived Giorgi's gunshots and recovered. While assisting his father, Giorgi would be informed that Lincoln's survival and that he has started to attack the crime family to get revenge. Giorgi would support Sal in trying to get contacts to eliminate Lincoln, and later kills his aunt Olivia after she was hospitalized by Clay. After the crime family is destroyed, Giorgi and Sal set their defenses at the casino to deal with Lincoln. Giorgi attempts to kill Lincoln, but fails as he is killed by his former friend, stabbing him in the gut after a shoot out.



  • Unlike the rest of the Marcano crime family, Giorgi is not given a bio on the kill list.
  • He stands 5'11


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