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And now...time to get rid of you both!
~ Giorgio Zott, before battling the VSSE agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert

General Giorgio Zott is the main antagonist of Time Crisis 3. He is the leader of the Zagorias Federation who seized control of Astigos Island and plotted to launch tactical missiles on Lukano and its neighboring countries.

He was voiced by the late Kevin Blackton.


The leader of his own army, Giorgio sends his troops to successfully conquer 80% of the island of Astigos. A group of liberating rebels, causing outcry against his takeover, head off to stop the General. While they do so, they discover his plan to bomb Lukano with missile strikes, said missiles also posing a threat to the other nations around it. Giorgio also teamed up with Wild Dog in secret.

Although Daniel Winston arrives at the site of the missiles with his unit, he is betrayed by Jake Hernandez whom Zott promised a good amount of money for capturing the rebels. When the rebels still don't give in, he tortures Daniel. The VSSE agents, Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert begin fighting through Zott's base and the commander orders they drop their guns lest he kill Daniel; But Alicia extricates her brother by shooting the gun out of the villain's hand. As Zott flees through the complex, he leaves explosives to obstruct the VSSE agents. The agents then arrive in the dome with Zott finalizing launch preparations for the missiles.

In the final battle against him, Giorgio uses ranged weaponry, vehicles, and even a sword to try and stop the heroes. In the end, he is killed, his missiles disarmed, and his federation is weakened by his death.


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