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Business dealings... are something y'do face-to-face. And I only make deals with people I respect. Not guys who kick the crap outta me first. Sure, I might know the League. Might not. Either way, you ain't getting a thing outta me. Cuz what kinda merchant sells out his customers?! Thanks, but come again when you got the guts to do this right!
~ Giran to Re-Destro.

Kagero Okuta, more known by his villain name, Giran, is a major antagonist from the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a villain and broker affiliated with the League of Villains, working to scout new recruits for their organization.

He was voiced by Seirou Ogino in the Japanese dub, and Ben Phillips in the English dub.


Giran seems to be a greedy man who only cares about money. He seems to have no personal interests in the league nor has any reasons to be a part of it, other than for income. His cell phone case (which features bunny ears) suggests that he may have a bizarre taste in accessories.

Despite all of this, he seems to be a well-known businessman in the underworld, according to Kurogiri. He always keeps up with the latest trends and does a great job at recruiting new villains into the league.

Even though Giran has no interest in the league, he does retain his loyalty towards them as shown when he refused to give out any information to Re-Destro regarding the league and their whereabouts even when put under torture.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Giran first makes his debut in The Aftermath of the Hero: Killer Stain. Here, he is shown to be discussing with another broker about today's society and the black market. He then shows him a video about the Hero Killer: Stain, which goes in depth about his history and ideology. Giran believes that Stain's influence will lead to an expansion of villains arriving and joining the League of Villains.

Final Exams Arc

Giran is once again seeing in the League of Villains' hideout where he introduces two villains to Tomura Shigaraki; Himiko Toga and Dabi. Initially, Tomura refused to accept them, but Kurogiri wanted him to at least hear what they had to offer. Giran could care less about what they would do to them, pointing out that he's only in it for the money. He then begins to introduce both villains, one by one. After the introductions, Giran watched as the three villains attempted to kill each other, before Kurogiri prevented any bloodshed. Eventually, Tomura leaves the building, leaving the villains alone. Giran remarks about Tomura's childish behavior, while Kurogiri assures that they should at least wait for a few days for a response, until Tomura comes to his senses.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Giran is elated at the League's recent actions, with the black market now facing a resurgence and requests for support gear being doubled.

Giran is later seen contacting Twice over the phone asking for Dabi's location, with Giran informing the villain that Tomura wishes for the League to gather over their next operation. Twice admits to not knowing where Dabi is and begins contradicting himself while his personalities start clashing. Having noticed this mental episode, Giran lets Twice go.

Giran is seen again at another one of the League's meeting places, here he provides Mr. Compress with a robotic arm due to having lost his to Overhaul's Quirk.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Giran at one point was captured by the Meta Liberation Army where he was tortured countlessly, having his fingers cut off and being beaten to a pulp. Being the one behind the recruitment of the league, Re-Destro wanted to get information out of him. Despite all of this, Giran refused cooperate and ultimately kept himself quiet regarding the league, leaving Re-Destro no choice but to get in contact with Tomura himself.

Powers and Abilities

Muddiness: Giran's Quirk allows him to give someone amnesia by touching their head, making their memories of the previous and next five minutes become vague.

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