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Giri Gadeucca Aspis is a secondary antagonist in the mangaMobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. Despite his young age, Giri is the leader of the Jupiter Empire's elite team Death Gale.


As the leader of the Death Gale team, Giri has a massive ego, behaving extremely arrogantly. He is also furiously loyal to the Jupiter Empire, serving Crux Dogatie and helping him to achieve his goal despite knowing Dogatie's true plan. However, after the defeat of Crux Dogatie, Giri settled down on Earth and is willing to help his former enemy to fight against Callisto's Light.


Giri is the leader of the Jupiter Empire's elite team Death Gale, after Barnes Gernsback was inserted to that team, Barnes was shocked to learn that despite Guru's age, he was able to become the leader of Death Gale team. Later, they, together with Rosemary Raspberry were sent by Karas to fight against the Crossbone Vanguard. With their Mobile Suit's superiority in force, defence and speed respectively, they were able to overwhelm Kincade in his Crossbone Gundam X1, slicing the Gundam's arms off. However, Kincade was soon able to break their team formation, after knocking Barnes's Mobile Suit into Mother Vanguard's sail, Tobia broke the sail, crushing it on the Death Gale team. However, they survived and retreated.

When the traitor Zabine was in the Jupiter Empire, he was tortured by Giri, who wanted to be sure of Zabine's loyalty towards Jupiter Empire.

Later, after the Jupiter Empire framed Crossbone Vanguard as the villains to the Earth Federation, the Death Gale team was seen attacking Kincade, however, after cornering him, they retreated to leave Kincade for Zabine Chareux to fight. This resulted in the Mother Vanguard's destruction and the Crossbone Vanguard landed on Earth.

Later, after destroying Earth Federation's space ports.Giri was able to track down the Crossbone Vanguard and had Tobia tied up on a chair. Giri then explained Crux Dogatie's true desire to them. Giri was also annoyed by the sound of the bugs, so he fired a gunshot, scaring the baboon Sebastian away. When Tobia refused to join the Jupiter Empire, Giri decided to kill him, but not before taunting Tobia by sensually harassing Tetenith Dogatie, Tobia's love interest, this angered Tobia, who knocked him off. Suddenly, Sebastian, piloting a worker Mobile Suit crashed into the house, freeing Tobia. The Death Gale team then got back to their Mobile Suits to fight Tobia in his Crossbone Gundam X3. This time, since the Death Gale team were on Earth instead of space, their formation was broken, and Tobia was able to throw some logs to Giri's Mobile Suit, knocking it off balance and allowing Tobia to crash it into Rosemary's Mobile Suit, defeating them both. After Barnes was defeated as well, Giri recovered and ambushed Tobia from behind, only for Kincade to suddenly appear to use the screw whip to defeat Giri. Giri then attempted to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Barnes. They then settled down on Earth during the remaining battle.

Eventually, Giri became a chief of a restaurant on Earth, and was asked by Tobia and Barnes if he could help them to stop Jupiter Empire from using the colony laser to fire at Earth. Initially, due to the low surviving chance and his loyalty towards Jupiter Empire, Giri refused. But after learning that the Jupiter Empire was lead by Callisto's Light, the only people that surpassed him in college, Giri joined them, marking as his redemption.


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