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Gisele Yashar is a major antagonist turned anti-hero in Fast & Furious, a major protagonist for Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6 and a posthumous character in Furious 7.

She was portrayed by Gal Gadot in her first villainous role.


Gisele is the Liaison for the primary antagonist Arturo Braga. However, Gisele developed romantic feelings for Dominic, despite him not reciprocating. Gisele continued to work for her boss, however, after Dom saved her life when Braga almost ran her over, she returned the favor by giving the location of Braga's hideout in Mexico.

Gisele returned in the fifth and sixth films, now operating as a member of Dom's team, as opposed to an enemy. She helps them out with the Rio Heist and develops a relationship with Han Lue.

During a fight with Owen Shaw's team, Gisele was killed in the process.


  • Gisele can be considered a Punch Clock Villain, in that she has no personal maliciousness and is just doing her job.
  • Gisele is the first villain to join the team.
  • Some sources claim her surname to be Harabo, while her file in Fast Five states it as Yashar.

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