Giselle Vickers is a supporting antagonist in Lab Rats, although she does not play a central role in the series until season 4. However, she was briefly mentioned in season 3.

She was portrayed by Jessalyn Wanlim.


She is an ex-girlfriend of Douglas Davenport who showed her about how bionic humans work. Sometime after they broke up she became a Hollywood film director and turned evil after Victor Krane revealed the Lab Rats' secret, and used this knowledge to create an Android army to replace bionic humans. These androids have all of Adam, Bree and Chase's abilities barring the intelligence they have.

She planned to acquire super intelligence by manipulating Bree into giving up Chase's chip with Troy West, one of her male androids. She was however thwarted by Bree using her invisibility to overhear the conversation. Upon finding out she warns the other Lab Rats which soon turns into a fight in which she has one of her androids abduct Chase and take him to her lair. She then reveals her plan to cut him open and retrieve the chip from inside of his body, she ultimately fails at this attempt as well as Douglas builds a weapon to deactivate all her androids and Bree destroys Troy, her last one who tried to betray Giselle by pushing him into water their weakness. She is seen at the end of the episode, in hiding planning to revive Marcus.

After putting Marcus back together, Giselle hijacked the bionic soldiers' chips, and forced them to geo-leap to her lair. She had Marcus shapeshift into Daniel Davenport's form to bait the Davenports. When they came, Marcus ambushed the Davenports, trapping the Lab Rats in a cell that disabled bionic chips, while she had the Davenport brothers strapped to chairs.

In the end, Giselle accidentally killed herself with her own whip after being out maneuvered by Adam, Chase, and Bree.


  • Giselle's defeat is similar to how Star-Lord defeated Ronan the Accuser in the Guardians of The Galaxy film, easily confusing the villain with a "Distraction Dance" in order to disarm the villain, then killing them with the weapon he/she intended to use.
  • While she served the main antagonist role, she served as one of the 2 main antagonists in both of her appearances, replacing Victor Krane.
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