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I was born a vampire, as was every other member of this house. But you Frost... you were merely turned.
~ Dragonetti, taunting Frost.

Gitano Dragonetti is a major antagonist in the 1998 film Blade. He was born as a pure blood vampire and was the leader of the shadowy council House of Erebus.

He was portrayed by Udo Kier, who voiced Professor Pericles in Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc..


In the movie, Dragonetti is seen at the council along with the other pure blood vampires, looking at the pictures that were killed by Blade in one of Deacon Frost's nightclubs. Dragonetti ask the vampire ground to have Frost to come in the council to talk about his nightclubs. Dragonetti blames the young Deacon Frost for his excessive recklessness, dragging too much attention on his clubs. Deacon Frost says that the whole policy of the Council is wrong, that Vampires should rule over humans and not making secret alliances with them, but Dragonetti remembers Frost of his place, implying that a non-pure blood vampire shouldn't even sit at the Council.

Dragonetti is later seen entering the council's library, to found Frost sitting at the corner trying to translate the blood language. When Frost gets up walks up to Dragonetti, he slaps Frost then ask him what he is up to. After their conversation, Dragonetti tells him that he bored him and walks away

When Frost's plans on La Magra are almost accomplished, Dragonetti is kidnapped by Mercury and Frost's gang taken to a seaside, where Frost rips his teeth out and exposes him to sunlight, killing him. His teeth are later brought to the Council as a proof he's dead, thus giving Frost the power on it.


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