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We don't have leaders. We're walking towards a common goal. Eventually, you'll get it. We see such great potential for humanity. Those who are worthy will inherit a better world.
~ Giyera tells Alphonso Mackenzie during interrogation.

Giyera is a supporting antagonist in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., appearing in Season 3 as a supporting antagonist in the first half, and a major antagonist in the second half. He is an Inhuman HYDRA operative with telekinetic powers, who was previously loyal to Gideon Malick before being brainwashed by the ancient Inhuman Hive to follow him and help enforce his plans.

He was portrayed by Mark Dacascos, who also portrayed Zero, and Wo Fat.



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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Many Heads, One Tale

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Bouncing Back

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The Inside Man

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Paradise Lost

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The Team

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An experienced professional killer, Giyera is emotionless and loyal towards his HYDRA employer Gideon Malick. He followed orders without question and was willing to kill as many people as it took to get the job done. He could act arrogant at certain times, mentioning that he did not like to kill with his hands if he could use his powers instead. Giyera seems to take pride in his skills as a martial artist. After being swayed by Hive, he became more fanatical as he sought to ensure Hive's "vision" for humanity was enacted, believing that what he was trying to accomplish was for the greater good.


  • Giyera's last name means "War" in Tagalog, which is self-explanatory regarding his beliefs, loyalties and intentions.


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