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Gjallarhorn is a corrupt military organization that governs the Earth Sphere and the main antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


The old logo of Gjallarhorn, seen on Gundam Bael's shoulder plate.

The foundation of Gjallarhorn was laid during the Calamity War by Agnika Kaieru over 300 years before the formation of Tekkadan. Following the end of the Calamity War, Gjallarhorn took shape as a peace-keeping organization to prevent further conflicts. The Gjallarhorn was organized under the Seven Stars, seven families whose leaders had taken part in the Calamity War and destroyed a number of Mobile Armors. With a ranking based on the number of Mobile Armors destroyed, the Issue Family, who had destroyed the most Mobile Armors, was the most powerful and influential of the Seven Stars and served as head of the council.

Formed from the remaining nations of Earth, Gjallarhorn organized Earth's power into four blocks: Arbrau, the Strategic Alliance Union, African Union, and Oceanian Federation. The Gjallarhorn were also responsible for developing most of the technology used in the war, including the Alaya Vijnana System and the Gundams. However, out of fear that this technology would one day be used against them, the Gjallarhorn outlawed the technology following the end of the war.

While once a heroic organization dedicated to protecting the world, by P.D. 323 the Gjallarhorn had become corrupt and oppressive, using its tremendous power to put down peaceful protests such as those for Mars Independence and to monopolize power and Mobile Frame technology in favor of the wealthy elite which served as its backbone.

The corruption and abuse of power in Gjallarhorn was eventually exposed to the world after the incident in Arbrau in which the Gjallarhorn tried and failed to stop Tekkadan from escorting Kudelia Aina Bernstein and Prime Minister candidate Togonosuke Makanai to Arbrau's electorate hall for the Prime Minister election. This was in part due to Specialist Major McGillis Fareed, who sabotaged Gjallarhorn from within and held off their forces to buy time for Kudelia and Makanai to reach their destination. During the incident, a Gjallarhorn Mobile Suit equipped with an Ahab Reactor, the Graze Ein, directly entered the city and caused disorder. After arriving at the council hall, Kudelia gave an impassioned speech revealing Gjallarhorn's corruption to the world, and leading to Makanai being re-elected in favor of the Gjallarhorn-backed candidate, Henri Fleurs.

Two years after the incident, Gjallarhorn had lost the trust of most of the public and fallen out of favor from the four power blocks, who had begun to develop their own military forces independent from Gjallarhorn. Eventually, McGillis Fareed's forces and Tekkadan would stage a coup against Gjallarhorn to overthrow its broken system and reform it into a more just system, leading to a full blown civil war within Gjallarhorn between McGillis Fareed and his allies and the Arianrhod Fleet, commanded by Rustal Elion. Rustal's forces would put down the uprising, but after the civil war ended, Rustal would reform Gjallarhorn and remove the Seven Stars from power, instead creating a more democratic system with himself at the head.


The Emblem of Gjallarhorn.

Gjallarhorn's military forces are divided between several different branches each covering a separate area of influence in the Earth Sphere, from the Earth's colonies to Mars. The ruling council of Gjallarhorn is the Seven Stars, the descendants of the seven nobles who originally founded Gjallarhorn. The Seven Stars command different divisions of the Gjallarhorn military, made up of military forces loyal to their respective families. The ranking on the Seven Stars is determined by the number of Mobile Armors a family destroyed in the Calamity War and thus the Issue Family, who destroyed the most Mobile Armors, are the most powerful family on the council. The daughter of the Issue Family, Carta Issue, commands Gjallarhorn's Outer Earth Joint Regulatory Fleet, whose duty is to guard the Earth Sphere from intruders. However, the Outer Earth Joint Regulatory Fleet is considered to be just for show and defense of the Earth Sphere is mostly handled by the Arianrhod Fleet. The Arianrhod Fleet is Gjallarhorn's largest military division and is commanded by Rustal Elion of House Elion, with a portion of its forces made up of men loyal to Iok Kujan of House Kujan. After the death of Carta and the end of the Issue Family line, the balance of power within the Seven Stars was shifted and the Outer Earth Joint Regulatory Fleet was placed under the jurisdiction of the Fareed Family and its head, McGillis Fareed.

Gjallarhorn's Seven Stars also each have affiliations with a number of outside organizations and agents, which allow it to influence the politics of each of Earth's four power blocs and aid it in remaining in power. The former head of the Fareed family, Iznario Fareed, attempted to acquire a substantial amount of influence over the nation of Arbrau by backing the campaign of Henri Fleurs for Prime Minister. The new head of the Fareed Family, McGillis Fareed, also established strong ties with the private military force Tekkadan in preparation for his coup. Rustal Elion, head of the Elion Family and supreme commander of the Arianrhod Fleet, had connections with a number of mercenaries and spies in key positions in the four power blocs, whom he used to sabotage his political rivals. He also later forged a strong alliance with billionaire Nobliss Gordon, whose influence over the media allowed Rustal to manipulate the public opinion. Iok Kujan, Rustal's primary ally among the Seven Stars, at one point allied with Jasley Donomikals, the number two of Teiwaz, in order to counter McGillis' alliance with Tekkadan, though he was later forced by Rustal to break this alliance off after it drew scrutiny.

Following the McGillis Fareed incident, Rustal Elion used the power vacuum created by the deaths of two of the Seven Stars during the civil war to usurp power in Gjallarhorn and remove the other Seven Stars from power. Rustal implemented sweeping reforms to Gjallarhorn to appease the public now that Gjallarhorn's corruption had been exposed, making Gjallarhorn more democratic while also centralizing power to himself now that he was Gjallarhorn's sole leader.


A meeting of the Seven Stars.

Seven Stars

Inspection Bureau

Mars Branch

Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet

  • Carta Issue - Colonel / Commander of the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet
  • Isurugi Camice - Second-In-Command of the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet
  • Liza Enza

Arianrhod Fleet

Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn

Mobile Suits

EB-06 Graze

02 EB-06 Graze.png

Gjallarhorn's main mass-produced MS for space combat. Its colors vary depending upon its capabilities and faction. The ground type is moss green, the machine belonging to the Mars Branch at Ares is purple, the machine belonging to the Arianrhod Fleet is dark green, the machines in Iok Kujan's fleet are dark khaki and yellow, the Dainsleif operation type belonging to Arianrhod is light gray, and the machine belonging to the Revolutionary Army is blue. It is designed as a versatile machine that can be used in all environments by replacing equipment, and its operational evaluation in the field is so high that the development of a successor machine is questioned as to its necessity. While it has high maneuverability regardless of pilot, some senior pilots are dissatisfied with the leveled performance, which led to the development of the higher performance Schwalbe Graze. The ground type adopts lightweight armor suitable for operation under gravity, and is equipped with two main boosters on the thigh. The space type gains high-speed movement ability by moving the booster from the waist to the back. The commander's suit has a small blade antenna added to the head for operation under Ahab Wave, and the communication range is doubled compared to general suit. The basic armament is a 120mm rifle that can be replaced with a short barrel and a 9.8m battle ax for close combat. Optional nanolaminate armor 8.8m shields, rocket-type 320mm bazooka guns that can be suspended on shoulder racks, and large boosters with attitude control grips for manipulators are available. During the McGillis Fareed uprising, Arianrhod introduced a suit in which the left arm was replaced with an electromagnetic projector for Dáinsleif and the head sensor unit was changed to a telephoto camera type.

EB-06j Graze Ground Type

29 EB-06j Graze Ground Type.png

A type of EB-06 Graze whose frame has been modified for deployment on Earth's ground. The waist is equipped with a "GR-E03 ground booster unit", and the ankles have been replaced with a large type with a built-in auxiliary hover unit. As a unique armament, it is equipped with a lightweight and easy-to-manage battle blade on its back. The coloring is gray for the Pacific defense unit and reddish brown for the Edmonton stationed unit.

EB-06r Graze Ritter

25 EB-06r Graze Ritter.png

A sister suit utilized by the Outer Earth Orbit Control Integrated Fleet and Vingólf. The coloring is light blue green for Carta Issue and the suit under Carta, light blue for McGillis Fareed and Isurugi Camiche, and blue and yellow for McGillis suit. It is a highly maneuverable type that supports low-earth orbit combat, and has a chicken crown-shaped head antenna that is different from its sister suit, Graze, and a large shoulder armor with a built-in thruster. These designs reflect not only their practicality as weapons, but also the idea of ​​embodying the idea of ​​the Gjallarhorn, and are also used for ceremonial events. The versatility of the frame machine is still alive, and it is equipped with a back booster common to Graze in space, and a thigh hover unit of the same type as the Graze ground battle specification on the ground. The commander-only suit has extended shoulder armor, and the design around the chicken crown-shaped head antenna and cockpit hatch has been changed. Since McGillis took office as commander of the fleet, the suit has undergone a complete overhaul and has been refurbished to maximize its maneuverability under gravity. In addition to the same armament as Graze, it is equipped with a double-edged night blade that imitates a knight sword. Since it is a suit that also attends ceremonies, the night blade has a shape that includes elegance in the standard sword.

EB-06q Graze Schild

28 Graze Schild.png

A custom Graze variant used by the Arianrhod Fleet. "Schild" means "shield" in German. It has the same specifications as a normal ground-type Graze except that it has a chin guard on the chin and a red line on the crown and shield. Its main mission is to control cities and bases under gravity, and it is good at group battles. It is armed with a halberd and a large shield.

EB-05s Schwalbe Graze

06 EB-05s Schwalbe Graze (Gaelio).png

A custom machine developed from a prototype of the common Graze. It is a sister machine developed for commanders and ace pilots, and it is inferior in stability at low output, so it demonstrates its true value in high maneuver combat where high output is required. The "GR-Es01 Flight Unit" using the technology of the interplanetary spacecraft is attached to the back, and by using boosters on the shoulders, waist and legs together, it demonstrates high flight ability even under gravity. The head has a unique shape that uses a two-stage upper and lower sensor and a large antenna, but a spherical sensor common to the Graze frame is housed inside. The cockpit is unitized and can be separated from the suit in an emergency. Many suits, such as the blue McGillis suit and the purple Gaelio suit, have been colored and customized to suit the pilot. Later, Gaelio's mobile suit was transferred to Ein Dalton after Gaelio began piloting the Kimaris Gundam, and McGillis's Schwalbe Graze was transferred to Isurugi Camice after he took to piloting a Graze Ritter. The armament is the same as the Graze, and the left arm is additionally equipped with a wired injection type wire claw. Gaelio's suit is equipped with a 16.5m lance for anti-laminate armor at the tip of the short rifle.

EB-AX2 Graze Ein

Graze Ein Front View.png

An experimental suit for the Alaya Vijnana system secretly developed by Gjallarhorn. Although it was once abandoned after the end of the experiment, it was activated by incorporating Ein Dalton, who had undergone the treatment of the Alaya Vijnana System, as a biological unit, and was put into interception of the Tekkadan in Edmonton. As a result of promoting the integration of the pilot and the suit, the arms and legs have been redesigned to be closer to the feeling of being alive. This made it larger than the normal Graze, but realized agile and delicate maneuvers by interacting with the Alaya Vijnana system. It is armed with a large ax swing on the back, two retractable shoulder 40mm machine guns, and two disposable pile bunker equipped on both arms. Both hands and claw-shaped feet rotate at high speeds to function as screw punches and drill kicks.

AEB-06L Hloekk Graze

14 Hloekk Graze.png

An export version of the Graze model developed by Gjallarhorn for use in economic zones. It has a smaller and simpler structure than other Graze frames. Although it does not match their performance, it is the main MS frame used by the Arbrau Defense Force. It is less sophisticated due to its ease of maneuvering and civilian use as a working machine. In the event of a dispute with SAU, it was also used by Tekkadan, who were employed by Arbrau at that time. At Arianrhod, it is used as a replenisher for Dáinsleif warheads. It is armed with a dedicated 90mm submachine gun, a small ax, and four missile pods with a head that doubles as a weapon bay. The coloring is light gray for the suit belonging to the Arbrau Defense Force, light purple for the suit belonging to the Arianrhod Fleet, and brown for the suit belonging to the Afam equipment.

EB-08 Reginlaze

08 Reginlaze.png

The successor to the Graze. Similar to the Graze, its coloring varies depending on its pilot. The custom suit used by Julieta Juris is painted green and white, Iok Kujan's machine is painted dark khaki and yellow, and the suit used by regular pilots is painted green and dark gray. In contrast to Graze, which emphasizes operational convenience, this has been redesigned to emphasize battle against MS, taking advantage of the high frame strength. Eighteen early production versions were utilized by the Arianrhod Fleet, some of which are modified to suit the pilot. It is armed with a 130mm rifle with a larger caliber than the Graze, a multi-weapon pack consisting of a barrel that can be replaced with a grenade or a quadruple rotary launcher and a large sword, and two gauntlets that double as a shield and knuckle guard. Julieta's suit had close combat specifications that emphasizes high mobility and high output, including a prototype twin pile with two prototype twin piles with a built-in wire anchor at the buttock and an arm cannon. Iok's machine was also a prototype with modifications for long-distance support is a prototype type. Each was equipped with long-range railguns and night blades, respectively.

EB-08jjc Reginlaze Julia

Reginlaze Julia.png

A testing machine developed by a research team that accompanies Arianrhod. It was given to Julieta, who was looking for stronger power, and named "Julia" by Yamazin Toka following the convention of prototypes in the Gjallarhorn. It was designed with the idea of ​​prioritizing single-machine performance at the expense of maneuverability, and has a large shape modeled from the utilized battle data of Graze Ein in Edmonton. In contrast to Graze Ein, which was suited for ground battle, Julia is suited for operation in outer space. As such, large flight units and boosters are equipped throughout the whole body. However, even in ground battles, it outperforms normal Reginlazes. During high-speed flight, a boot-shaped thruster unit attached to the back of the lumbar booster attached to the ankle. It is armed with a "Julian Sword" on both forearms that transforms into a bellows-shaped whip mode, a claw with a replacement arm manipulator, a blade on the leg, and a cannon with a built-in shoulder flight unit. The Julian Sword uses the same rare metal as the Valkyria blade for the tip and internal wire, and can be used like a drill by sending an electric signal in whip mode to change the trajectory of the attack or sliding the blade little by little.

ASW-G-01 Gundam Bael

ASW-01 Gundam Bael (Front).png

The first Gundam frame, originally piloted by Gjallarhorn founder Agnika Kaieru. Featuring a pure white body color, a variable thruster wing on the back, and a horned whistle emblem on the left shoulder, the Gundam frame bears the name of the devil king Bael but has an angelic appearance. At the time of the Apotropaic Magic, the MAs were driven out with overwhelming combat power, creating an opportunity for the Gundam Frame to be given special attention. After the war, it was deified as the suit in which the soul of Agnika dwells, and it is reported that those who operate the suit are qualified to stand at the top of the Gjallarhorn. It is one of the few MSs that still exists during the war, and since the cockpit is still compatible with the Alaya Vijnana system at that time, there is no one who can move it in the Gjallarhorn that prohibited Alaya Vijnana. It had long been enshrined in the underground altar of Vingólf. It was launched for the first time in 300 years by McGillis Fareed, who had undergone the Alaya Vijnana surgery, and became a central symbol of the Gjallarhorn Revolutionary Army. It is armed with a double-edged sword "Bael Sword" two swings suspended from a movable blade holder on the back of the waist, and an electromagnetic cannon built into each of the left and right wings. Rare metals refined by a special technique are used for the blade of the sword, and although it is smaller and lighter than other melee weapons due to the difficulty of processing, it demonstrates the sharpness of cutting the MS frame by frame. After the McGillis Fareed incident, it was recovered by Rustal Elion's forces and resealed with the cockpit removed, to prevent it from ever being piloted again.

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris (Front).png

The mobile suit originally piloted by the founder of the Bauduin family. It was used for formal events such as ceremonies after the Apotropaic Magic, but it saw action again after it was brought out and piloting by Gaelio Bauduin following the destruction of his Schwalbe Graze. It features a Western armor-like appearance and specializes in close-quarters combat. The high-power boosters in each part provide high maneuverability and rushing power, and especially when the leg boosters are deployed, they enable quick turning and rapid acceleration in exchange for a decrease in attitude control ability. For long-distance travel and low-earth orbit combat, an additional optional back booster will be added. The head has a built-in high-precision sensor to reliably capture the target during high-speed movement, and has a unique structure with a sharp crown. As Gaelio himself has not been implanted with the Alaya Vijnana system, the cockpit interior has been replaced with a Graze one. It is armed with a large lance called "Gungnir" with a built-in 120mm gun, a foldable combat knife for close range suspended on the back of the waist, and a high-hardness rare alloy injection weapon "Slash Disc" built into both shoulders. The head is equipped with four flash bullet launchers, and the sensor is shielded by a shutter when in use.

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper

28 ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper.png

Ground warfare / long-term warfare specifications with most of the exterior replaced. The sensor on the top of the head has been changed to a comb shape, and the weight of the suit has been reduced by reducing the size and reduction of the armor. The rear skirt has been replaced with a large type equipped with thrusters, and the " trooper form" with the legs transformed into four legs enables high-speed movement by hovering. A "multi-slot accelerator" equipped with a compression circuit directly connected to the reactor and a cooling engine is built in the left and right sides of the chest, but it is not used because of unknown use. It is armed with a 140mm machine gun and a built-in thruster mechanism, the "Destroyer Lance", the "Kimaris Shield" containing the preliminary armament "Kimaris Saber", and various mines dropped from the six spray ports on the side of the rear skirt. To ensure that the hand-held armament is held, the waist is equipped with a foldable sub-arm that doubles as a side skirt.

ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar


The Gundam Kimaris repaired following its damaged in the battle against Edmonton and disguised by the Arianrhod Fleet's technical team. As such, Gaelio assumes the identity of "Vidar" whenever he is piloting. The refurbishment will take place inside a Skipjack-class battleship and will be put into service for the first time in a rebellion suppression operation in the Federal Industrial Colonies of Oceania. The suit's name is derived from the god "Vidar" that appears in Norse mythology. A dummy reactor is mounted on the backpack to deceive the natural frequency of Ahab Wave. The control system is equipped with a pseudo-Alaya Vijnana system "Alaya Vijnana Type E" that uses the brain of Ein Dalton who died in the war. By forcibly operating the suit together with the pilot's body against the framing enemy, it is possible to maximize the suit performance while overcoming the load on the cranial nerves, which is a drawback of conventional Alaya Vijnana. Due to a series of circumstances, its existence is considered to be the highest secret inside Gjallarhorn, and the details are known only to a small number of personnel including Rustal Elion. It is armed with a "burst saber" that can be used as an explosive bullet by separating the blade, a test-type 110mm rifle, two short-range hand guns stored in the front skirt, and a "hunter edge" for fighting toes and heels. Three spare saber blades are stored in the binder on both waists, and when pulling out, the binder itself slides backwards, enabling smooth sword pulling.

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Vidar

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Vidar (Front).png

The Gundam Kimaris given a decisive battle specification by the Arianrhod Fleet for space combat. As it was modified after Gaelio had announced his survival to the world and revealed himself as Vidar, the "Gundam Vidar" guise was dropped and the suit's true identity is shown. Alaya Vijnana Type E is still installed inside of it to enable Gaelio to pilot it and draw out the suit's full power. It is armed with a rotary tip, two 200mm guns, a "drill lance" equipped with a special KEP bullet firing mechanism for Dainsleif, a rotary injection pile bunker "Drill Knee" stored in both knees, and a height suspended on the left waist. It also wields a sword made out of an especially hard and rare alloy, and has two shields connected to the sub-arms on both sides of the backpack. In addition to the thrusters, the shield contains a power unit for Dáinsleif and four spare magazines on each side, and when connected to a drill lance, it converts into a launching position.

EB-04 Geirail

10 Geirail.png

An older mass-production MS model created by Gjallarhorn, preceding the Graze. It was produced following the end of the Calamity War against the Mobile Armors and was based on the Valkyrja Frame, which had been developed during the war to serve as the template for support mobile suits used to aid the Gundams. As the Calamity War had since ended, the Geirail was suited for a more general range of purposes rather than combat against the Mobile Armors, which had all been defeated. Its main use among Gjallarhorn was for peacekeeping and civilian control, as well as combat against other Mobile Suits. The Geirail would eventually begin to see itself slowly phased among Gjallarhorn's forces as more advanced and cutting edge Mobile Suits were developed including the Graze, which replaced the Geirail as Gjallarhorn's general purpose mass-production MS. However, it would continue to see use among mercenaries and other rag-tag factions. It is armed with a drum magazine type 110mm rifle, a shield ax with integrated offense and defense, and an ice ax that is also used for dismantling colonies. For maneuverability on ground, a large hover unit is attached to the back of the waist.


  • The name "Gjallarhorn" is derived from the old Norse word for "yelling horn". The organization's headquarters and orbital station network on Earth are named after Vingólf and Gladsheimr, two important locations in Norse Mythology.
  • Gjallarhorn's role mirrors other corrupt, Terran-based military factions in the series, such as the Titans of Zeta Gundam and OZ of Gundam Wing.


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