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Gladys is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel series, Bunk'd, but the first two seasons. She was the proprietor at Camp Kikiwaka and the aunt of Hazel Swearengen.

She is portrayed by Mary Sheer.



Although not much is known about Gladys' past, it's implied that she was a Weasel counselor in Camp Kikiwaka when she was little. Christina was a champion Woodchuck and first fell in love with Morgan while Gladys was jealous, mirroring her niece Hazel being jealous of Xander falling in love with Emma. At some point after graduating from Camp Kikiwaka, Gladys became the head proprietor of Camp Kikiwaka while Morgan and Christina were happily married.


Gladys is very mean, bitter, cruel and cynical person. The campers describe her as being "scarier than the creature rumored to have haunted the camp". She is very desperate for a man's company and has always been rejected probably due to her always stalking them. She has a deep hatred towards Christina Ross for "stealing" Morgan from her and treats the Ross kids with even more disrespect than the other campers. 

Physical Appearance

She is a middle aged woman with brown hair and blue. She usually wears the traditional Camp Kikiwaka uniform although she has been seen wearing mini shorts and other strange clothing.


  • Gladys and her niece Hazel are very much alike because similar to how Hazel is crushing on Xander and jealous of his relationship with Emma, Gladys has been in love with Morgan Ross and hates the fact that he married Christina. Furthermore, Christina stated in "Mother May I"  that she was in a Woodchuck like Emma implying that Gladys was a Weasel like Hazel and that Morgan was a Grizzly like Xander.
  • Gladys shares some similarities with Rhoda Chesterfield, the main antagonist of the prequel series JESSIE:
    • Both have a feud with the Ross family.
    • Both are very mean and hate kids. 
    • Both are middle-aged.
    • Both are stalkers who lust over men especially a main character (Bertram in Mrs Chesterfield's case; Morgan in Gladys' case) who never returned their love.
      • The only difference is that Mrs. Chesterfield has a soft spot for Emma and has been married six times, while Gladys hasn't even been married once.
  • A giraffe of the same name appeared in an episode of JESSIE.