Glamdozer is a boss in the video game Super Mario Galaxy 2. She is fought in the first mission of the Flipsville Galaxy.

To begin the fight, Mario must go under the planet and ground pound above the grate Glamdozer is sleeping on to wake her up. Glamdozer will then try to attack Mario by charging at him. To damage Glamdozer, Mario must be on the opposite side of the planet as her and wait for her to be above one of the grates, which is when he should do a ground pound on the grate. This isn't easy however as Glamdozer can also switch sides of the planet. After she has been hit once after waking up, she will start to spit balls of fire at Mario that can also get stuck in the grates, making them unable to be ground pounded on for a while. When she is down to one hit point, she will get angry and her attacks will be more aggressive. She has to be hit three times (not counting the first hit that wakes her up) to be defeated.



Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss 10 - Glamdozer

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