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Your family is looking for you...
~ Glamrock Chica while searching for Gregory.

Glamrock Chica is one of the three secondary antagonists (along with Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf) in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, and will return in its upcoming Ruin DLC. She is an animatronic chicken who was brainwashed by Vanny into killing a young boy named Gregory.

She is voiced by Heather Masters, who also voiced Vanessa in the same game and previously voiced Circus Baby and the PlushBabies.


Glamrock Chica appears to be an animatronic chicken who has a pink bow on her head and pink markings around her eyes. She also has triangle earrings at the sides of her head. She has a pink leotard with light pink shoulder guards, green fingerless gloves and green with pink sport tapes around her heels.

After getting crushed, she loses her beak, her legs and arms are broken, with her left arm showing her endoskeleton, and gains multiple scars on her chest and body, while having cracks all over her body.


While hacked by Vanny, Glamrock Chica is quite devious and sadistic, as she keeps giving Gregory false promises of seeing his parents, offering him candy and try to comfort him, all in attempts of killing him. Outside her hacking, however, she has been shown to be nice and caring for her animatronics, as once Glamrock Freddy deactivates during the performance, she walks up to him to make sure he's okay; She also has a bowling ball in her green room as a reminder of the deceased Glamrock Bonnie, who was the mascot of the Pizzaplex's bowling area. She is also very gluttonous, to the point of what is basically an eating disorder, as she keeps eating pizza and garbage despite the fact she has to puke them out moments after.


Glamrock Chica is very durable as she is able to survive deadly impacts such as getting crushed by a hydraulic press and can remain operational even while sustaining severe damages.

After being shattered by hydraulic press, and losing her voice box she will occasionally make unintelligible loud sounds, unable to speak.

Gregory can also upgrade Glamrock Freddy with her Voice Box after this event, giving him a powerful shout that can stun other animatronics and deactivate electronic locks. When stunned by the Faz Camera or Fazerblaster, she will begin making chicken bocking sounds.


Who wants candy?
~ Glamrock Chica trying to lure Gregory with candy
This area is off limits.
~ Glamrock Chica
Staff only.
~ Glamrock Chica
♪Gregory...where are you?♪
~ Glamrock Chica calling Gregory
Don't worry, you're safe with me.
~ Glamrock Chica trying to trick Gregory
Let me take you to your parents.
~ Glamrock Chica trying to lure Gregory
Lost boy over here!
~ Glamrock Chica
I smell pizza.
~ Glamrock Chica
Pizza? Pizza? PIZZA!!!
~ Glamrock Chica


  • Chica saying "pizza" three times before attacking a S.T.A.F.F. Bot could be a reference to Youtuber Garrett Williamson, who created the video "How to make Five Nights at Freddy's NOT SCARY", where there was a recurring gag of Chica saying the same thing, which later became a meme throughout the franchise.
  • Her jumpscare is very similar to the original Chica's jumpscare.
  • Her beak being broken off is likely a reference to Toy Chica, who removes her beak in most of her appearances.
  • Besides being obsessed about eating, Chica seems to be mostly stable and innocent before her hacking. Meanwhile, Roxanne Wolf has self-esteem issues and has been destroying S.T.A.F.F. Bots in her raceway, while Montgomery Gator has anger issues and might have killed Glamrock Bonnie in the past to take his spot.
  • She and Funtime Chica are the only two Chica counterparts that don't wear a bib.

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