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Come on, weaklybones! Pass mother the porridge! I think you want her to starve!
~ Glass Brother mocking Salad Fingers.

Glass Brother is the eponymous secondary antagonist of the 11th episode of Salad Fingers of the same name.

He was created by the legendary British animator David Firth.


Glass Brother is Salad Fingers' reflection who lives within the Glass World with his and Salad Fingers' Glass Mother. Unlike the real Salad Fingers, Glass Brother is unpleasant and cruel, which Salad Fingers attributes to him being "raised under the beast's sun". Glass Brother functions as a warden of sorts, prohibiting Salad Fingers from leaving the abuse and deliberately makes it worse for him by preventing him from giving the Glass Mother her bowl of food and then mockingly rasping at Salad Fingers.

Eventually, Glass Brother discovers Hubert Cumberdale (The Real Boy) who had been recently given skin by Salad Fingers. Glass Brother then steals Hubert Cumberdale and takes him into the Glass World. Upon acquiring Hubert Cumberdale, Glass Brother traps him in a jar in his room. With him gone, Salad Fingers infiltrates the Glass World to retrieve Hubert Cumberdale. When Hubert was within arm's reach, Glass Brother awakens and alerts their mother about Salad Fingers' plan. Salad Fingers manages to escape the Glass World with Hubert Cumberdale through a puddle, and when Glass Brother tries to emerge from the puddle, Salad Fingers pushes his fingers back into the puddle, presumably drowning him.




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