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You'll eat what I tell you to! Don't make me come through that mirror and poke out your eyes!
~ Glass Mother threatening Salad Fingers

The Glass Mother is the main antagonist appearing in the 11th episode of the Salad Fingers series named "Glass Brother", and possibly the main antagonist of the series as a whole.

She was created by the legendary British animator David Firth.


While it is unknown as to whether the Glass Mother is truly Salad Fingers' mother or just a representation of her, it is apparent that she holds a great amount of control over her son. Appearing in the Glass World, the Glass Mother spends a duration of her time verbally and physically abusing Salad Fingers, or favoring her other son.

Glass Mother starts off by forcing Salad Fingers to give her a bowl of food. Salad Fingers does as he is told, but when he tries to hand her the bowl, his "Glass Brother" blocks the way, accusing him of trying to have their mother starve to which Glass Mother states that starving would be merciful rather than watching the terrible display. She then has Salad Fingers poison himself by making a disgusting soup, ignoring Salad Fingers' hesitation of the inedible slop making his stomach hurt and giving him fevers. When Glass Brother kidnaps Hubert Cumberdale (The Real Boy) and takes him into the Mirror World, the Glass Mother decides to use Hubert as a broom.

At night, Salad Fingers enters the Mirror World through a puddle, and sneaks into his Glass Brother's room to retrieve Hubert. The Glass Brother awakens and alerts the Glass Mother of Salad Fingers' plan. The Glass Mother uses her long, serpentine fingers to destroy the mirror, intent on trapping Salad Fingers in the Mirror World. Through sheer luck, Salad Fingers manages to escape through a puddle, and when his Glass Mother tries to emerge from it, Salad Fingers smashes the mirror several times, resulting in millions of shards being left behind. Despite this, Salad Fingers recovers one of the shards and he cuts one of his fingers to spread across the glass shard which he then puts away in a box.



  • The Glass Mother is based on Grandma, from Spoilsbury Toast Boy series also created by David Firth.



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