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Glen (in Japanese: グレン, Guren) is a minor antagonist from anime and manga series Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by Yūji Mikimoto.


Glen knows only that he was a machine built by the ruthless Lord David member of the Ken-Oh army and was used to threaten and kill civilians if they did not obey their orders.

He is given the order to train two citizens, while the others flee and were about to be crushed but kenshiro arrives to defeat him but not to heat a single shot he was also crushed and David said to surrender but Kenshiro does not give up and becomes very muscular activating Hokuto Shinken and crushes his arm defeating him.

Kenshiro was about to launch the coup de grace and told him he deserved death and Glen said he was right and deserved it because David had planned to kill him. But Kenshiro understands his drama, does not kill him and allows him to live in peace without being used for his cruel purposes but David and his men kill him with arrows without mercy and saying that it makes no sense if a healer could be worth but a nullity is worth less than zero, Kenshiro angry tries to kill Davd but he escapes like a coward.


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