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Glen Elg is the victim in "Recipe for Turnabout", the third case in the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. He was a hacker and a gambling addict who was killed for refusing to hand over a virus he created.


Elg was a programmer at a small firm called Blue Screens, Inc. who had a severe gambling problem. He went to loan shark Furio Tigre to take out a huge loan and proceeded to lose it all during another gambling binge. When he couldn't pay up, he made a deal with the loan shark to create a virus that Tigre could use to extort the police.

The day before he met with Tigre to hand over the virus, Elg got into a brawl, injuring his left ear. He went to a otolaryngologist, who gave him a cream to put on that ear.

The virus, codenamed "MC Bomber", worked, and during the meeting where Elg would hand it over, he won the lottery. Happy that he could pay off his debt, he refused to give Tigre the virus, instead opting to pay the debt he had agreed to. Angered by this decision, Tigre poisoned Elg's coffee, killing him and taking MC Bomber. Tigre would later release MC Bomber into the police's computer system.


Little is known about Elg other than he was a very talented programmer (to the point of being called "The Walking Computer" by his coworkers) with a severe gambling addiction. Specifically, he bet on horse races hundreds of times, losing every time, and he also played the lottery many times. He was also somewhat amoral, willing to create a deadly virus to give to a dangerous loan shark. Elg was also portrayed as naive, believing that Tigre, a dangerous loan shark, would accept Elg backing out of a deal. This mistake lead to Elg being murdered and the virus being stolen.


  • Glen Elg, like the names of all other known Blue Screens employees, is a palindrome.
  • Glen Elg is one of the three villainous victims in the game, alongside Kane Bullard (a corrupt blackmailer) and Terry Fawles (a pedophilic kidnapper). Despite being a criminal, Glen Elg was still far less evil than his murderer, who was a brutal loan shark.


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