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Glenda Mitchell is a fictional character and recurring anti-villain of the British soap opera EastEnders. She appeared as one of the secondary antagonists of 2010, supporting antagonist in 2011, unseen character in 2012-2015 and a supporting character in 2016-2017.

In her characterisation, Glenda is the ex-wife of Archie Mitchell; the estranged mother of their daughters Ronnie Mitchell and Roxy Mitchell; the single mother of her son Danny Mitchell; the sister of Peggy Mitchell; the aunt of Peggy's sons Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell along with their sister Sam Mitchell as well; a relative of Peggy's nephew Billy Mitchell; and later on a boyfriend of Phil's stepson Ian Beale.

The character was portrayed by Glynis Barber, who is also known for playing Grace Barraclough in Emmerdale and Norma Crow in Hollyoaks.


Glenda Mitchell first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, in January 2010 to visit her daughters Ronnie and Roxy - as their late villainous father Archie Mitchell, also Glenda's ex-husband, had recently been murdered on Christmas Night 2009.

Upon her arrival, Glenda is resented by both her daughters along with her own sister Peggy due to the fact that she had been absent in their lives for over 21 years. Glenda also starts an argument with Peggy after the latter had addressed the former's two daughters as her own girls, to which Ronnie and Roxy support since they value Peggy to be more of a mother to them than Glenda. It is then Glenda claims that she and Archie were never divorced, which meant that Peggy - who married Archie nearly a year ago - would not have been Ronnie and Roxy's stepmother and that Archie would have committed bigamy.

With Archie's will reading set to happen, Peggy instantly suspects Glenda of having ulterior motives - especially as Glenda has admitted that she only just found out about Archie's murder via newspaper. The family soon gathers up with Peggy's son Phil Mitchell and her stepdaughter Janine Butcher for Archie's will reading, which is being set up by Phil's cousin Billy Mitchell as he had been instrusted by Archie to do so. During the will reading, Glenda notices Peggy's feud with Janine over the latter being a golddigger. Peggy then shares a moment with Glenda in which they agree to team up to contest the will should Janine recieve everything. However, moments later, Peggy recieves a phone call that confirms that Glenda and Archie were legally divorced after all. Glenda is confronted over her lies and she claims otherwise by stating she never signed any divorce papers, but then Archie's lawyer Emma West explains to her that she wouldn't have needed to do that if she were untraceable two years ago; Glenda then leaves and would miss the revelation that Archie has left everything in his will to Roxy, including a total sum of £3 million and ownership of The Queen Victoria public house.

Shortly afterwards, Glenda reappears and is confronted once more by her daughters and Peggy over her divorce from Archie. They insist that she return to her house in France, only for Glenda to reveal that she lied about living in France and instead she lives in a council estate in London all along. This causes Ronnie and Roxy to realize that their mother had the opporunity to visit them before Archie came back into their lives, but she never did. Roxy and Peggy call a taxi for Glenda to leave whilst Ronnie vents at her mother for her lies, stating that she is just like Archie. Before leaving, though, Glenda tells Ronnie that the reason why she stayed away was because she was pregannt.

Weeks later, Ronnie asks her boyfriend Jack Branning to help locate her mother. They succeed in doing so and learn that Glenda does indeed have another child - a young man named Danny Mitchell. Thereafter Ronnie tells Glenda about her late long-lost daughter Danielle Jones, whom Archie had given away when Ronnie was 14 and was partly responsible for her death when Danielle had been accidentally killed in a hit and run by Janine on the night Archie's lies were exposed. However, she notices that Glenda seems little interested and another argument erupts until Danny appears in the midst of it. Later on, Glenda secrectly informs Danny about Roxy's inheritance from Archie and she convinces him to help her con Roxy from it.

For the next few months, Glenda is able to convince Ronnie and Roxy to give her another chance whilst allowing them to bond with Danny in the process. It is then Danny begins to have second thoughts, but Glenda threatens to expose their plan if he backs out. Eventually their plan is exposed when Glenda insults Archie's memory in front of Roxy and Jack's infant daughter Amy, which prompts Roxy to confront her mother once more. Glenda is able to persaude her daughters to give her another chance after helping Jack out in managing his businesses.

In July 2010, Glenda gathers round with her daughters and Peggy to recount over their past - during which Ronnie leaves the room when they see her as a child with Archie. They assume it is something to do with the fact Archie took away Ronnie's baby when she was 14 and was responsible for the child's death years later, but then they overhear an argument between Ronnie and Roxy in which Ronnie reveals that Archie had sexaully abused and raped her when she was 13. Both Roxy and Peggy refuse to believe it, whereas Jack and Glenda side with Ronnie. Not long afterwards, Roxy realizes that Ronnie is telling the truth after learning that Archie was set to molest her as well when she was 10; he never did it because Ronnie, determined to protect her sister from their evil father, stayed in her room with her every night to prevent the ordeal from happening to her. When Peggy still refuses to believe it, Roxy and Ronnie move out and live with Glenda.

In August 2010, Peggy arranges to spend time with Glenda and her daughters at the nightclub. Soon enough Glenda and Peggy get into an argument about Ronnie's claims that Archie raped her along with their past, in which Peggy argues that Glenda could've taken her daughters away from Archie and then Glenda responds by saying that he had replaced her with Peggy. This subsusquently causes Peggy to realize that not only had Ronnie been telling the truth about Archie raping her, but the fact that Glenda had known about it during that time all along. Peggy demands Glenda tell the truth to her daughters; she refues, but later accidentally lets slip to Ronnie that she knew about what happened. Ronnie reveals to Roxy that their mother knew about what their father did in the past. Digusted with the fact that their mother knew about Archie raping Ronnie but never did anything to stop it, Ronnie and Roxy disown Glenda and declare Peggy to be more of a mother to them - though Peggy later gradually forgives Glenda over the fact that Archie had been a monster.

In September 2010, Glenda reappears when Peggy leaves the square following The Queen Victoria public house; Peggy urges Ronnie and Roxy to forgive Glenda and give her another chance, stating that she too had faults with Phil along with his brother Grant Mitchell and their sister Sam Mitchell in the past as well. Glenda then attempts to make amends with her daughters and months later attends Ronnie's wedding to Jack. Beforehand, though, Roxy had lost her inheritance and suspects her mother has conned her out of everything; Glenda denies knowledge but promises to help her find the culprits. They manage to get Ronnie's wedding ahead without paying for it, after which Glenda learns that both Phil and his girlfriend Shirley Carter were the ones who conned Roxy. She confronts them and blackmails the piar in order to try and make more amends with her daughters.

Later on, Glenda begins to encounter Phil more often and their social hostility soon turns to romantic passion - even though they are related. The pair soon embark on an incestuous fling when Phil has an affair with Glenda behind Shirley's back. At the same time, however, Glenda cheats on Phil by seducing his stepson Ian Beale and sleeping with him. Later on when Phil's wayward son Ben Mitchell is released from prison and the Mitchells celeberate his return with a party, Glenda gets drunk and nearly exposes her affair with Phil. She then proceeds to insult everyone present, including Jack's brother Max Branning and his daughter Abi Branning. She also insults Roxy's former husband Sean Slater over the way how he ruined their marriage, even though her daughters explain that Arhcie was responsible. Glenda is then puked on by Ian's son Peter and leaves the party humilated. Nethertheless she spends a good Christmas with her family, though her daughters later find out that Sean's sister Stacey was the one who killed Archie after he had raped her as well.

In 2011, Glenda comforts Ronnie when she learns that her and Jack's infant daughter died and that she swapped babies with Tommy Moon - parented by Jack's rival Michael Moon and his relative Kat Slater. That same year, Shirley discovers Phil's affair with Glenda from Ben and attacks her. Glenda is forced to leave the square, but not before reducing Shirley to tears by disclosing the fact that she always reconciles with Phil regardless of his behaviour. From then onwards, Ronnie and Roxy attempt to move forward from their mother's antics; this includes Roxy's relationship with Jack and Max's brother Derek Branning, the sisters being targeted by his associate Carl White, and then both nearly getting killed by local villain Nick Cotton.

In 2016, Glenda reappears to comfort Roxy after learning that she had nearly been raped by Shirley's son Dean Wicks - who had previously tried to kill his brother Mick and also raped Mick's wife Linda over a year ago. That same year, Glenda sees that her old acquaintance Claudette Hubbard is in the square. They confront each other over the fact that Claudette's son Vincent Hubbard has sought revenge against the Mitchells due to his belief that his late father, Henry, had been murdered by Phil and Grant's late father Eric Mitchell; however, this is eventually called off when Vincent learns that his mother was the one who killed his father. Months later, Peggy dies and her funeral takes place with Glenda present.

In 2017, Glenda is devastated when both Ronnie and Roxy have died after drowning. She and Danny attend their funeral before departing the square again.


  • She made a total of 108 appearences during her time on the show.
  • Glynis Barber (the actress who played Glenda Mitchell) had been nominated for the "Villain of the Year" category at the 2011 British Soap Awards ceremony.