Detective Glennon is a minor villain in the 2018 CW show Black Lightning.


Together with Cayman, Glennon is called into the city by the A.S.A. Once they arrive at the location, Glennon mentions that all of this seems suspicious and asks Cayman if he is sure this is not a set-up. Suddenly, they hear a female voice telling them that if this was a set-up, they'd already been arrested or dead. She states that Cayman and Glennon will find the equipment they need in the garbage can in front of them and Cayman agrees with Glennon that the situation stinks. The two policemen turn to leave but suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs of snipers.

The female voice once more orders Cayman to open the garbage can and Cayman orders Glennon to do it. Glennon opens the can and is surprised to find a huge amount of Green Light. The voice tells them that they will use the drugs to frame Garfield High's principal Jefferson Pierce and Glennon pockets the drugs in order to do so. The next morning, the police turns up at Garfield High and break open Pierce's car on Glennon's orders. While no one is watching, Glennon hides the Green Light in the trunk of the car and then acts surprised when he "finds" it. When the group later searches Pierce's office, Glennon "finds" Green Light in the desk as well.

After hearing that his friend Pierce has been arrested, Detective Henderson investigates the situation, realizing that Glennon is the weakest link in the conspiracy. Accordingly, Henderson investigates Glennon and finds evidence for his corruption. He calls Glennon into his office immediately and although Glennon is arrogant at first, he quickly breaks when Henderson confronts him with the evidence for his corruption. When Henderson tells Glennon that he is not after Glennon, but Cayman, Glennon admits to having planted the evidence on Pierce together with Cayman. Henderson uses Glendon's testimony to have Pierce freed and Cayman arrested.



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