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Hello. Can you hear me?
~ Glitchtrap's only distinguishable words, taken straight from one of Tape Girl's tapes, repeated over and over.
I always come back. Let me out.
~ Glitchtrap at the end of Princess Quest minigame. Note that in-game it's reversed and distorted.
Do you trust me?
~ A message written on the walls of the Pizza Party level and a quote commonly associated with Glitchtrap among the fandom.

Glitchtrap, also known as the Anomaly and Malhare, is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. 

He is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, a minor antagonist in its DLC Curse of Dreadbear, the possible unseen overarching antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, and will be a major/overarching antagonist in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

He seems to be malicious software within the game that takes the form of an anthropomorphic rabbit and watches the player as they progress. He intends to perform a digital consciousness transfer with the player to escape into the real world. He is the arch-nemesis of Tape Girl.

He is connected to William Afton, although it is debatable if he is just a copy or the man himself. The Princess Quest minigame in the mobile port heavily implies, if not outright confirms the latter.


Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Glitchtrap first appears near a doorway in the main hub after collecting one the cassette tapes hidden throughout the game. By finding more tapes, Glitchtrap will get closer to the player and become progressively more solid. The tapes imply that Glitchtrap first entered "Freddy Fazbear's Virtual Experience" after old animatronic circuit boards, one of them being Springtrap, even though he was not part of it as revealed in the E-Mails of Special Delivery was scanned to create advanced AI systems. He began to greatly unnerve beta testers by watching them play, causing one of them to document what they knew about the abnormally in hopes another development team could find a way to eliminate it.

She managed to hide her documented recordings within a protected part of the game's code; in a place where only beta testers would look. However, Glitchtrap then latched his programming onto the audio files as a way to prevent himself from being deleted. The female tester decided to fragment her recordings and scatter them in the form of tapes to protect the rest of the game from Glitchtrap. In her final recording, the beta tester tells the player of a very risky way to possibly purge Glitchtrap from the game. She reveals that Glitchtrap is capable of possessing the player, and they would need to activate a switch somewhere in front of the stage while their body is being merged with the rabbit.

In the final level "Pizza Party", the player must navigate through maze using clues presumably left by Glitchtrap. They are lead backstage where Glitchtrap can be seen gesturing the player to follow him behind a curtain. Doing so will leave the player on the main hub's stage as Freddy Fazbear while the credits roll and Glitchtrap dances in the background.

After collecting all the tapes, Glitchtrap will attempt to possess the player next time they start up their game. If they take too long following the last tape's instructions, Glitchtrap will successfully merge with them and the player will receive a game over.

If the player follows the instructions correctly, they will be locked behind a steel door while Glitchtrap tells them to hush through a slot before disappearing. The player is then sent back to the main hub to find a glitching green Glitchtrap plush next to them.

Curse of Dreadbear

In the October 29th Update, the player can cause a Easter Egg that makes Glitchtrap appear in the background next to the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 house, dancing.

After collecting all four keys in the Corn Maze level a fifth purple glitching and rusty key will appear somewhere in the map. This key opens an underground shack in the center of the maze with a white bunny mask inside. This mask is then unlocked in the prize corner. Wearing the white bunny mask while looking at the Glitchtrap plush will cause a female voice to tell him that she was able to finish the preparations he gave her with no problems, no one suspects anything about their plans and that she made her mask for him, hoping that he likes it. She finishes by assuring him that everything will be ready for the "Fun".

Mobile port

Glitchtrap is entirely removed from the game until Pizza Party, mainly because the mobile port has no tapes.

Princess Quest

Glitchtrap returns as the secret minigame's main antagonist. Through the minigame, various green glitched rabbits, obviously versions of Glitchtrap, try to attack the titular controllable princess.

At the very end of the level, the Princess encounters a gigantic, purple glitched rabbit who makes strange noise, and the game crashes.

Fans quickly found the original audio and realised that the rabbit says that he always comes back and begs to be let out.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Altough Glitchtrap himself hasn't appeared yet, he plays a major role, controlling Ness, who is actually Vanny, the girl with the white bunny mask mentioned above. It seems like he is buying three masks while taking control of Vanny.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

It is highly speculated Glitchtrap will return in the upcoming game, most likely taking control of Vanny or giving her instructions.


Glitchtrap appears as a golden yellow anthropomorphic rabbit wearing two black buttons on his chest, a big purple bow-tie and a purple vest decorated with star patterns.


Said by Glitchtrap

Stay the course.
~ Glitchtrap to Vanny.
Focus on my voice.
~ Glitchtrap to Vanny.
Don't let anyone lead you astray.
~ Glitchtrap to Vanny.
Have you selected one?
~ Glitchtrap to Vanny.
Follow the Leader.
~ Glitchtrap about himself. (possibly)

About Glitchtrap

I saw it for the first time today. There was a character, I couldn't make out who it was, standing at the end of the hall. I thought it was just bugged out, so I made a note of it and kept playing. But then it was looking in the window. And not like Chica or Bonnie would. It was like it was actually looking in the window, seeing what I was doing.
~ Tape Girl about Glitchtrap for the first time.
Today was my last day of beta testing and the Anomaly that I've been seeing is nowhere to be found. But after inspecting some of the files, it seems that it's attached itself to these logs. My logs. That can't be an accident.
~ Tape Girl about Glitchtrap attaching himself to her tapes.
I can't delete them. By creating a protected area to store these logs apart from the game, I effectively gave this thing a safe place to hide itself. It's in here now. I may not be able to delete it. But I might be able to do something else now that it's attached itself.
~ Tape Girl after she tried to delete the tapes and Glitchtrap.
I ran a fragmentation program on the area of memory that was storing these logs for you. I effectively broke the files into pieces, and broke the Anomaly along with it. That means that you won't have my warnings to guide you. But hopefully, it also means that this Anomaly, this Virus, or whatever it is, will remain broken and unable to do more damage.
~ Tape Girl after breaking Glitchtrap.
There is a way to kill it. It wants to escape. To escape through someone. Someone plugged into this game. That's you now. You have to let it begin the process of leaving through you, then use the disconnect switch that I've embedded by the main stage. Let it approach you. Let it begin to merge with you. Play the music and flip the switch. That will cause a hard restart of the game and flush the memory, effectively killing it, I hope. I don't know when it will come for you.
~ Tape Girl about the way to kill Glitchtrap. She later turned out to be wrong.



  • It is clear that Glitchtrap is somewhat related to William Afton/Springtrap, being the digital manifestation of him or his soul due to his mannerisms and how he tries to lure the player.
    • This is even further supported when Glitchtrap (presumably) stuffs the player into a Freddy Fazbear suit.
      • That being said, it is unclear whether Glitchtrap is a resurrected William Afton, or a copy created by scanning the chips.
        • Seeing as the theory that he's a copy has no proof, it can be assumed he's a ressurected Afton, although that isn't confirmed.
    • While it is still far too early to say for sure, the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series appears to point to him truly being William. These books feature an animatronic called the Stitchwraith, which is possessed by two children called Jake and Andrew. Andrew's recollection of how he ended up inside of the Stitchwraith begins remarkably similar to how the Vengeful Spirit tortured the player character in Ultimate Custom Night. He remembers abandoning that and passing through various objects afterwards, but Jake believes something malevolent may have followed Andrew as he did so. This could explain how Afton managed to escape his punishment and eventually end up in the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience.
    • The Princess Quest minigame heavily implies that Glitchtrap is his soul as he announces he always comes back.
  • Before his name was revealed in the game files, Glitchtrap was also referred to as Malhare and VRabbit by fans.
    • After the game's release, it was discovered that a boolean property in the game's files marking whether or not Glitchtrap has been defeated used the word "Glitchtrap". This seems to be conflicting with an unused file which instead refers to a shaking Springtrap model as "Glitchtrap".
  • One of the noises Glitchtrap makes is actually a slowed down portion of the female beta tester's first tape saying "Can you hear me? Hello.". He makes these noises because he attached himself to the tapes.
  • There is a theory that the game itself is actually the afterlife, and that Glitchtrap needs the player's mortal body to return to the world of the living. This would confirm that Glitchtrap is, indeed, William Afton.
    • However, it has no proof.
  • Similar to Lefty before Ultimate Custom Night, Glitchtrap's only voice line is a shush.
  • One of Glitchtrap's nicknames; Malhare, is a combination of malware (malicious software) and hare (a mammal resembling a rabbit).
  • Rather than be weakened by the reset, Glitchtrap may have willingly transformed himself into a plushie to hide within the game's code, and thus not be deleted.
  • Due to the nature of the Rabbit Mask easter egg in the Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted - Curse of Dreadbear, it is heavily speculated that he will return as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, being developed by Steel Wool Studios like Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, which will be released later in 2020.
  • Strangely, Glitchtrap possess purple eyes, similar to Michael in the end of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. However, according to the model of Adventure Spring Bonnie from FNaF World, Spring Bonnie originally had green eyes.
  • Steel Wool Studios, the creators of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, once called him Glitchtrap, confirming his name. When a fan jokingly replied that "he only knows Malhare", Steel Wool said "that works too", possibly hinting that Malhare may be another of his many names.
  • It is speculated that Glitchtrap was the suit William Afton used to lure and kill the five children that would go on to possess the animatronics, and not the Spring Bonnie springlock suit that he would later die in.
    • It's also possible Glitchtrap was one of the temporary suits mentioned in FNaF 3.
  • One of the e-mails in FNaF AR implies Glitchtrap knows about blood-eagle torture. This may be more proof for him being the real William, as it's unlikely a pretty young AI would know about blood-eagle torture, while William had a lot of time to learn about it.
  • The mobile port has no tapes and no Glitchtrap as a result. Fans started theorizing that the mobile port is the actual version of The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience released by Fazbear Entertainment, as we're said to be a beta tester in the PC/console version.
    • Some also say it's a metaphor for Vanny becoming crazy. Some say it's about the unnamed female guard from the upcoming Security Breach.


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