Glitter is a character from several episodes of the anime series Hamtaro.

Glitter is a successful pop singer, complete with a hamster sidekick named Sparkle. Her hit single is called "Love is All Around". Glitter is arrogant, selfish, and spoiled, and brags a lot. Her hamster has a similar personality. Despite Glitter's rude behavior, she has good publicity and plenty of fans. She sees Laura Haruna as competition and tries to make her miserable.

In the episode Pop Star, Glitter moves to Laura's school. She acted condescendingly towards the kids at the school, refusing autographs and shunning them. She meets Travis, a male student whom Laura is in love with. She gives him a speedy introduction on herself, as well as a backstage pass.

Later, Glitter hosts a concert in town. She is hoping to see Travis, and manages to see him in the audience. She hopes he is excited to see her. However, Travis is still tired from the previous night. He spills his drink on Laura by mistake.

Glitter's hopes are dashed when she sees Laura after bragging. Glitter is enraged by seeing Travis talking to Laura. Travis is helping Laura wipe the stain off her shorts, but Glitter interprets it as flirting. She butts into the conversation and tells Travis that she wants to talk to Laura. Glitter shoves Laura away from Travis. She thinks about how to handle Laura. She turns into a demon at the thought of her idea.  She proceeds to scold Laura, threatening to call security on her, and pushes Laura into a large box. She closes the box, thinking Laura has no way out. Laura manages to escape by seeing that the box was missing one side.

Glitter attempts to woo Travis again. She thinks about kissing him. However, Travis is clearly not interested in her, and is concerned about Laura. Glitter then tells Travis to close his eyes. She is about to kiss him, when suddenly, Hamtaro and his gang chase Sparkle around, knocking over a soda can. Glitter trips on the can and falls down. She is stuck in a dinosaur costume.

The stage crew wonders where Glitter is, and cannot find her. They decide to get some other kids to sing. Laura and her friends Kana, June, and Kylie offer to sing. They sing "Love is All Around" together. After getting out of the costume, Glitter sees this. She is dismayed and begins to cry.

Glitter returns for more episodes later in the series. She remains very much the same. 

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